The Grape pP Story  

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9/11/2005 11:17 am

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The Grape pP Story

I enter the room and see her on the bed reading a book, she is lying on her stomach, she looks relaxed and comfortable. She is wearing a simple tee shirt that covers her panties, she looks very sexy to me this way. She doesn’t acknowledge me but I know she knows I am there.

I was eating grapes earlier, I love grapes and these were very nice ones, nice plump big juicy grapes. I was down to my last grape when I got to her place, but I had eaten plenty already, but I did want this grape and wanted to save it for later as finding good grapes in the store was getting very hard this time of the year.

She is very engrossed in her book, but looking at her turns me on, her shapely hips lift up ever so slightly from time to time. I start to wonder if she is getting turned on reading that book. I am watching her read and twisting her hair in her hand as she reads. One leg is bent kicking in the air backwards she looks back and says "oh hi" and returns to reading, and then says, "I will be finished in a few". I am starting to feel ignored, I am wanting to spend time with her, so I climb on the bed behind her.

I climb on the bed behind her and lay next to her watching her as she reads, I could watch her for hours, I touch her face and pet her hair and let my hand drift down her neck. I then move closer to her and start to lightly kiss her on the cheek, one hand rubbing her back and neck running thought her hair, the other holding the grape. I start to worry about my grape, I want my hands on her so badly but want to save my grape for later, what do I do?

I place the grape in my mouth and start to kiss her on the neck I place a hand under her massaging her breasts and running my other hand through her hair. I can tell she is starting to get more interested in me then the book, but she keeps reading, now she is only playing at ignoring me and just enjoying me trying to get her attention.

With the grape in my mouth I kiss and gently nibble at her neck and behind her ears, I kiss and suck as I near the back of her neck, then the book drops from her hands and her head drops to the pillow and she sighs. I know I have her very interested now. So I lay on her, more between her legs then on her, and kiss on her neck as both my hands move under her shirt and on her breasts to rub and tease her, she has very firm breasts, and loves them handled.

I lick, kiss and nibble down her soft sexy body, my hands running up and down the front of her body as her arms push out, both pillow and the book she was ready hit the floor. I am close to the small of her back, its getting harder and harder to keep my grape safe in my mouth as I would like to suck and nibble harder. I move both my hands down the out side of her body and move them up pulling her tee shirt up and over her head, its now on the floor with her book and pillow. She lays there in nothing but her sexy panties. My hands run back down the side of her body and stop only for a second at the top band of her panties then I pull them down stroking the out sides of her legs and I feel goose bump rise on her legs. She is now laying so sexy and nude and I am really wanting to find a safe place for my grape, and seeing how she is moaning I sure don’t trust putting it in her mouth.

My hands enjoying running up and down the sides of her sexy body, and across her front. I look down at her sexy butt, she has a small firm upturned butt, One you might want to lay your head on and go to sleep on, or rub and love all day. I nibble on her cheeks I can feel how tight her skin is as she pushes ever so slightly back at my mouth. I am really worried about my grape now.

I have a plan. I move to the small of her back between her cheeks and lick lightly down between, she lift up to me and my tongue as I slowly make a wet trail down between her cheeks. I lick back up the same trail, as she raises and lowers like she is making love, pushing against my face. I drop the grape out of my mouth at the small of her back and lick down between her cheeks once more. This time I run my tongue more firmly over her rose bud and down to the wetness between her legs. I let my tongue dip in and I lick back up over her rose bud. I pause as she lifts and pushes against my face and then continue back up to the grape. I love the way her body moves but I feel that in the heat of passion the grape would fall and be squished between us so I take the grape back into my mouth and lick the same sexy trail down between her cheeks over her rose bud and down to her wetness and back up again with the grape once again safely in my mouth. I am wanting to do more with my mouth so I run the grape back down again and as she presses back against my mouth as I am running the grape over her rose bud I press it in as it seems to just naturally sit there. I lick back and forth with full wet licks from small of her back to her wetness letting my tongue dip in and have a taste of her each time, and each time I lick over her rose bud I press the grape just a little more. My hands holding and massaging her breasts I lick up and down I notice the grape is firmly seated about a quarter the way in her rose bud. My hands are running up and down her body and stopping from time to time to rub her breasts and feel her nipples, they feel so hard and wonderful. I continue to lick back and forth up and down her crack, from the top of her bottom to her wetness each time I lick over her rose bud she push back at me and I push the grape in a little more each time. It wasn’t long before the grape was all but gone, all you could see was the grape inside it almost buried. I lick more and more she is getting wetter and more turned on as I lick up and down her crack, I start to lightly lick over her clit with each trip up and down her soft sexy body. As I lick down I push my tongue inside her rose bud, almost french kissing her back there. I push the grape in more and when I pull my tongue out to lick towards her wetness, her rose bud closes up over the grape hiding it from view. I dip my tongue in her wetness deep and come out on her clit. she is moaning loudly now, I lick back up and stop to check on my grape pushing my tongue deep in her to check on it, I have to stick my tongue in deep but feel it and feel it will be safe for me there till I am ready for it.

I pull my tongue out of her and lick over her rose bud once again, lace a little kiss on her there and kiss my way up her back while climbing more on her. I use one hand to massage her breasts the other runs over the front of her body. I kiss and gently bite the back of her neck and I place myself at the entrance of her wetness and enter her as she presses against me.

She is already close to coming so I take my time to keep her from coming to fast. As I pump into her I can feel her tightening around me and I run my hand in her hair and hold it firmly but softly. Her breathing picks up and she is starting to come, I continue to pump into her as ahs pushing hard back into me. It turns me on so much to see and feel her cum I lay on her a short while feeling her squeeze and release me as I talk softly to her and run my hands in her hair. After a short while I begin to move in and out of her building up speed, she knows I am near so starts to cheer me on, " oh baby cum for me please, cum in me" and it helps, she is moving back towards each of my trusts into her. She hollers out " oh baby cum, cum for me, please cum in me" and she reaches under her and holds my balls firmly in her hands and pulls and squeeze me as I cum. As I empty into her she talks softly to me telling me how much she loves me, I feel myself melt into her and lay their a few. And I lift off her and I fall out of her spent, I kiss and sweet trail down her back and stop to check on my grape, its safe and sound, but I am not just ready for it now. She rolls over on to her back, I come up and lay in her arms and look in her eyes as I hold her face in my hands. I feel very good and hug her and stroke her smooth body. We chat and smile with each other, till she starts to leak and she tells me she need to go clean up, I ask her to wait as I enjoy holding her so close and looking at her afterwards. She waits with me and it doesn’t bother me that when she starts to leak its over my leg, I find something very sexy about it. She dozes off to a light nap and I get to watch over her and pet her sexy face as she rests. I stay awake, as I don’t want to miss a thing. When she has rested a while, I think to myself, "I think a grape would be good about now"

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