The Saga Continues...  

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5/6/2006 7:54 am
The Saga Continues...

Well, I told you I have a crazy life! If you're astute, you can tell when I get horrendously busy by the number of days between posts, and right now is an unbelievably busy time. Its that "school's almost over" time when there are concerts and track meets and honor banquets and awards assemblies...and then top it off with my OWN stuff, like work and yard work and sorority stuff (having State Convention here...what a pain!).

Today is a perfect example...
Have to drag my butt out of bed, shower, get the son up. Need to touch up the color in his hair (black this time), pick up a corsage and get him to his performance at noon with the jazz band. That should last a couple of hours. After that its take the car down and clean it out and wash it, send him off to Cheyenne for prom dinner, hoping he'll remember he's got to be back here by six to get into the tux! Pick up his date again, do the rounds of 4 families for photos, Grand March at 8:00, Prom at 9:00. And somewhere in between all of this I need to do laundry and field at least 4 phone calls from my mother (who is driving me nuts!). Fortunately, my daughter is in Florida for a week on a science trip or I'd have to field a track meet in amongst all this too!

So having sex is fun!
It leads to having children!
Having children is wonderful!

I wouldn't trade my life for anything!

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