Entry the Fourth -- Photo Shoot!  

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9/8/2006 9:31 am

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Entry the Fourth -- Photo Shoot!

Last night, was so fucking hot. I showered again, and did my hair, makeup and nails. Then, my husband took pictures of me in various states of dress and undress. We had never taken pictures like that before. It got more and more exciting as we went along. It ultimately led to pictures of me sucking his cock, and him going down on me. We also got some great pictures of us fucking too!

I am happy with the pictures we took, I feel like my curves were displayed to my advantage. I hate how many people are obsessed with being skinny to the point of bony. I like my curves and I like women of all body types. It's just too bad that people put so much emphasis on being thin or only wanting people who are thin because they are probably missing out on some of the hottest sex they've ever had. One thing about a girl who has a little extra padding and is proud of it, you can tell she loves to feel good. She denies herself nothing in the pursuit of pleasure. She likes a good meal, and good sex, and good experiences all around. She's not going to sit by and just accept what's given her...no, she's going to take what she can and enjoy all her experiences.

There's another limit to that, I am in no way saying overeating is good or anything like that. But I'm not going to starve myself to look like a bone with boobs.

One good thing about these photos is that if you approach us, we'll know its because you liked what you saw and that will tell us right there that you're not obsessed with media-influenced body sizes, and we'll get along a lot better for that.

Back to the experience though. It was very exciting having the pictures to look through and imagining the hot sex that took place during some of the shots. I'm addicted. I'm sure there will be more pics to come (cum)!

Well, I have to go. Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! I woke up to roses and a card left by my man before he went to work. I need to come up with something especially nice for him today. Maybe I'll give him a love swing to install for us! I sell those too, folks!

Fucktastically Yours,
The Mrs.

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