The Road  

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6/23/2006 9:47 pm
The Road

Since I haven't updated this in a while I'd figured it was about time I did so. As you might have guessed by the title I'm on 'the road'. Which is another way of saying I'm working as usual. lol

Life on the road isn't like a normal nine to five job, and as a trainer there isn't much time to stop and smell the roses as the old saying goes. Since the first of the year I've had four trainees, and until recently my success with them had been rather poor.

It's not a job for everyone. Most new trainees don't seem to last more than a few weeks before they decide it's not a life they want. Many can't deal with the long hours, ever changing routine, and the numerous days away from friends and family.

Added to this are the problems of road construction, unfriendly shippers/recievers, no parking, and states so strapped for cash that they'll cite you for any thing if they get the chance and it makes the life of a truck driver a lesson in frustration.

That's not to say it's not fun or interesting. Everyday is different, and there is always some place new to see. How many jobs can you take time to hit an amusement park, tour the casinos on the Vegas strip, or visit a local landmark.

Why would anyone want a life like this? Well, I can't speak for everyone, but in my case I've never been one for working in an office. I prefer to be outdoors most of the time, and driving a truck means I pretty much work for myself. Set my own hours, make good money and have an independance I could never have in a more traditional job. Traveling has been a part of my life since my childhood and I'm restless if I'm surrounded by the same old things day after day.

Love on the road is probably the hardest part of the job. How many people want a partner they only see a few days a month? And how many would be willing to give up their more traditional jobs to be with someone full time on the road? Well, not many. I can't really blame them, but it does make it lonely at times. Modern technology makes it a little easier. Cell phones, internet connections both make staying in touch vastly improved to the way it used to be. Hell! I'm typing this as the truck travels across New Mexico on I-40. Couldn't have done that even a few years ago.

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