The Enlightened One  

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12/14/2005 6:34 am

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The Enlightened One

A shallow moon hides from our eyes, moving with the clouds like tears falling from a newborns cheek. I offer a hand to you and guide you with blackended wings. The castle walls are all now but bitter with time, moss and algae cover the coats that once adorned this illustrious hall. We are the majestic, singing the tunes that our forgotten once hailed. Can you feel their breath touching your nakedness? Do not fear they will guide us forever in the shadow of time where age does not exist, and our laughter echoes over the millenium....
Great beings of light stand on the brink of time, blinding the lesser gods of man."We, the ethereal, bound by no laws, sear the universe in a radiant gaze.There is no end nor beginning we are beyond that which is supposed to be, and are that which does not breathe. Inferior ones has thou come to touch the infinit knowledge we so possess?"
Our words echoe to their "souls" and reflect over the universal state of time. "We come under my blackened wings in nakedness to grasp the unknown and return as the enlightened ones of man ."
"Thou has no being here, thou has no
soul here, thou art pure energy, can you not see yourselves? We think not,learn and thou must stay. Leave and thou shall not remember and see the world dissapate before youe eyes."
You answer them in awe and we sit next to them on the brink of all known space.
"We have come and shall stay until we cease to be like we stand now. And will become the stars that man look upon in futures yet to be."
"So be it, it shall be done, world without end, look away from your home you shall never see it again...."

The End

Yes it is short and may seem a ramble, but it came from the top of my head so it is written as it came and I wrote it down on paper so I won't forget. Most of these writings that shall be here will be as such. Enjoy these as you can feel free to email thoughts. I'm in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Hail!

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