Get Into The Swing Of Things  

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10/4/2005 1:31 pm

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Get Into The Swing Of Things

Finally decided to live up to my name, and wrote a poem...first time writing poetry on this subject matter, and I am aware that it is pretty much doggerel, but I like it.

Get Into The Swing Of Things

"It's evil and wicked," Society claims
Wagging his gnarled finger.
"For married folks to malinger
With other couples for fun and sex.
Or lasting relationships, myriad and complex."

"It matters not that they chose this path
With the participation and consent
Of their partners, though it cement
Their relationship even tighter.
Have you ever heard of anything triter?"

"To say that trust and understanding,
Are expanded by open sexuality,
And an agreed upon morality,
Where both parties are aware
Is completely beyond compare"

"How can this trust be obtained
When couples couple with other couples
With arms and legs that are (shudder) supple
With knowledge and consent
Of each and every partnered event?"

"It's disgusting and perverted,
Immoral and wrong," Society says once more.
If you participate, you're a slut and a whore!"
But we just listen, laugh and grin,
'Cause we know he wants in.

---2005, oregonpoet

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