Me You and Everyone We Know.  

rm_oralforu1000 35M
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8/31/2006 2:30 am
Me You and Everyone We Know.

I just watched the movie that is the name of my text and I would suggest anyone who is lonely should watch this movie as well. I think the underlying message goes something like this: "Everyone thinks that a relationship will solve all their problems, it will take them from depressed to happy, poor to rich, put quite frankly that is never the case; relationships never solve anybody's problems they just open up new ones. Everyone seems to think that having a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife is an instant cure all for everything and the fact remains that its not. All that is left is for people to feel comfortable with who they are and what they have done, that's all a person can hope for. That longing for someone else that's just horniness

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