coming home late  

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12/23/2005 1:11 am

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coming home late

wow a thursday night and work ran over, my body is soar from the hard work but i know its worth it because your at home waiting for me. i carefully open the door because the lights are all out,turn and lock the door still being very quite as to not wake you from your sleep. I head to the kitchen for a small glass of ice tea, wow oyu made me cookies, your so awsome! i stroll back into the livingroom to sit and unwind as the day has ended. just then i catch your scent. wow your wonderful smell that only you have. instant thoughts of how great you are run through my mind and I decide to sneak carefully and quitely to bed to snuggle close to you and get some much needed rest.

As i open the door to the room i notice that the candles are lite. and there you are laying on the bed in your birthday suit. your hands gently running over your breasts. you take your right hand and insert a few fingers into your mouth and you slowly but surely run your hand down to your wet spot making sure i watch every move.

My body starts tingling "you do love me" as i stand there and watch my body starts to react to the sight of this spectacular event thats unfolding before my eyes. you slid one finger inside your warmth. i can smell you. my cock is now erect and pushing on my jeans it wants out. it wants you. but i wait. i want to see your body move to your own touch. i want to hear you moan so i stand for a few more minutes. your hand is moving faster and faster. then you do it. you grab the little bud between your fingers and twist it. your body is shaking your moving faster and faster on the bed. its so hard to hold back. i cant wait. I slide my pants off and my hand goes right to work stroking my own manhood. you moan louder and louder. then you beg me to come to you to give it to you.

But my mouth cant wait to taste you. so i start at your toes slowly i insert one in my mouth and suck just a little bit. i can see you like it. so i work my tounge up your leg getting close to your moist spot. but wait i must pay attention to your other leg so i take your other foot inserting a toe from this foot into my mouth i see your body tighten i know its got oyu close. but im not ready to end yet. so i work my way up your soft leg. i stop at the knee and work my way around to the back where another one of your love spots awaits my touch. another soft moan. i can see your juices running out of your womanhood. i have to taste you i have to put that in my mouth i have to show you how much i love you.


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