"Ladies, where are your fantasies?"  

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10/3/2005 4:24 pm

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"Ladies, where are your fantasies?"

I have a question for all the ladies who are part of a couple. Most all couples I see on this site are looking for a bi female to join in 3some. Profiles usually run something like “she is bi-curious, he is straight, no guys”. I mean ladies, don’t these profiles sound more the guy’s fantasy than yours? After all the all time winner #1 documented male fantasy is to watch two women getting it on then joining in the action. I’ve forgotten what the #2 was but it probably has to do with watching a couple of lesbians getting it on and joining in the action.

So what about you ladies? I know all those sex studies had some good info but didn’t apply to everyone, but I would think there would be at least some percentage. I had read someplace (all them sex studies years ago) the #1 female fantasy had to do with being restrained and dominated during sex. The idea being if in her mind she doesn’t have a choice then she is free to fully enjoy all the repressed desires for sex. I don’t know about that one but bondage fetish does seem to have a large following. Then the #2 female fantasy was almost the same as the male fantasy, except she wants to watch two guys getting it on then join in the action. Most guys are not about to let that happen but that may be why it’s a female fantasy.

What intrigues me is for this MMF fantasy to supposedly be so common with the ladies, rarely do the couples on this site express a desire for the MMF 3some. I suppose all those sex studies could have been wrong and the ladies are really interested in the guys #1 fantasy.

Ok, so maybe I know the answer, but I would be interested in a female perspective. So I have to ask again, where are the female fantasy’s?

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2/5/2006 11:45 am

First off, I want to say thank you for your honesty and sharing your life with everyone. You are a great person to live the life you do and share it so that others can learn and understand. I am going to email you, tell you about a great friend that I have but I wanted to reply to your female fantasy post first.
Now, as far as female fantasies go, I agree with your post. Many women find themselves in FMF threesomes, most of the time. Personally, I think it is not due to lack of want to be in a MFM threesome but rather because most of the men (at least that I have been around) are totally adverse to having sex with another guy even present, let alone sexually interact with him. I, myself, have been in three different FMF threesomes but, like I said, not because of the lack of want to be in a MFM.
I am currently with a great guy, with whom I have joined on this site. He is the first bi-guy that I have been with and I love it. We are searching for a guy to have our first MFM threesome (we have actually received so many offers that we took males off the search list on our profile, but we have gotten a few promising "prospects")
It is a very big turn on, for me, when I imagine what a MFM menage-a-trois will be like. All parties pleasing each other, with no qualms or worries about who is doing what or where.
I have never fully understood why sex needs to be distinguished if had with a man or women because sex is about touching and the feelings that go along with it; if it makes you feel good, do it, it doesn't necessarily need to be between and man and a woman.
As far as the bondage fantasy, yes, I could see where that would be a number one among the gals. There is something to be said for giving yourself up totally, with complete trust, to someone and have them control you and your pleasure. It may be that she would be able to let out her repressed sexual desires, but to me it is the plain old dominating that turns me on. It wouldn't necessarily need to be by a man, but rather could be a woman too.
Thank you again, Emma, and all my best to you!
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5/31/2006 4:48 pm


I did not know you when you were active here ..... so can respond only to what i see here .

Yes, we strongly believe that fmf is for HIM!!! ...... and she agrees or maybe goes along with it ... for HIM ... the immature guy's fantacy thingy!! . It works only if the 2 ladies are benevalent and take care of each other, ...therebi allowing him to save face and maybe even think he was great for them ..lol.

Further, it is obvious that most guys egos are far to weak to handle another guy doin her.

We have done both, and have been with a few transsexual 3 somes....but find mfm many times more " true to nature" and powerfull than fmf. We even find that most here into mfm have a cock in orifi only image of it. We have a very different feeling on it ... that it is mainly a mind / heart / soul thing that drives it (primeval). The physical will take care of irself if you let ma nature do her thing . IF you wish to see our feelings on how powerfull and natural mfm, at least if right 3 people are involved, there is a post specifically on this near the top of page 1.

Best of luck on future ventures (i will add that many here who would know say that with a call you CAN change nickname)

♥§ΩuirT♥er & MFM Tail§

wow .. you look so lovely and sit so proudly and confident

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