"All he really wants is a BJ"  

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9/13/2005 8:58 pm

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"All he really wants is a BJ"

(cute mood)
Guys are so cute when they finally get around to asking their real questions. Most start by complimenting my legs, ask if I’m passable, and then finally ask if I will provide more photos. I mean doesn’t this sound silly? After all there are about 100million pictures on the net of really hot Tgirls. Why would they be interested in more photos of a rather mature cross dresser like me? Now if they were local I could somewhat understand, except most are listed in their profile as “straight” and looking for women (hehe). And this is from guys that haven’t posted any kind of photo except occasionally one of their cock. What do they expect me to do, email them every photo I have?

(fussy mood)
Ok, to be honest I’ve only posted one photo from the neck down. I’m kind of new on this site and only recently returned to dressing. I don’t have all my new clothes or other necessities and besides this weekend my damn camera broke. Since I’m not the hot young teeny anymore (translate to I need my makeup done right) I want to make sure I have a good photo that I can post. I’m even considering going to one of the transformation places so I can get the best possible photo. But at least my profile has some kind of picture. I think the only thing most the guys want is a blow job which probably explains why most TS/TG/TV’s are more interested in other TS/TG/TV’s. I could be wrong here but if the guy expects me to make a date to suck their cock, shouldn’t I at least get to see a picture first?

(back to cute mood)
I’ve been having an ongoing exchange with one guy (no photo again) who wants to hear more about my early days. I think he may have a fantasy about being me or maybe wishing he was one of the guys I had lifted my skirt for in that town. I’m feeling so bad writing this (sorry honey), well bad in the silly way since just thinking about those days is making my ass twitch.

(getting hot just thinking about it mood)
Anyway I mentioned in an earlier post that I was becoming known as a cocksucker at my school, and even a few teachers knew what was going on. One day my English teacher handed me a note asking to see her after class. I wasn’t concerned since I thought it was about all the homework that I usually failed to complete. But that feeling changed when she told had heard some disturbing stories and wanted to ask me about them. Now in school I was a boy and in my naïve way didn’t think anyone knew what I did after school (and before school, and on the weekends, and sometimes at lunch). Still just the thought of getting caught by an adult caused me to panic and run.

Damn, it’s almost midnight. Sorry but I’ll have to explain where this went to later, maybe tomorrow.

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