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8/24/2006 10:03 am

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more news

Further talks via the web have gone well, and i am sitting here like a star struck teenager, almost in an hour countdown to the meet on Saturday ( still on day count so far, not that sad yet ). Got a party Sunday and if all goes well she has agreed to go along, and monday being a holiday as well has been broached? at this rate I'll have had a coronary before the end of the month , and the morticians will have a hard job removing the grin!

How bad have i got it? took the day off work and started to try to make the place look a bit less like a bachelors hovel, and a bit more presentable to bring a young lady to, at the going rate, she should be able to come around in about 6 weeks , but i have now seen parts of the front room carpet not seen in about 18 months, problem is now can't get into spare room any more at least something good will come out of this even if the chemistry buggers it.

2 more winks, at least shows that there are some other interested people out there, it is amazing what visually impaired people can do on computers these days!

2 days and counting, i will be out of my misery and deep in bliss by now on saturday, or hitting the winks again so watch out, and yes i did say WINK

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