rm_oldsmithy2 59M
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8/29/2006 4:38 pm

Screwed it up I think - sorry mean I know as she told me so read moods all wrong and now it looks like i may be back on the market again. I have sent a mail explaining why I am like I am, but not sure if that will do the trick, seems like my often flippant attitude was not appreciated today, trying to talk on phone to arrange meet with a friend who has just had a bad time to take him out on the town, and chat, i obviously missed something and was keeping it too .........

Anyway I hope the rest of you had a great weekend, loved mine, best in ages (and i mean a long long time), got me in a great mood, which makes my humour even more flippant so watch out or ignore me when I'm in a good mood, i can be a real aggrevatory sh#t, ask every one at work

Well this story has run its course, not going to tell you any juicy bits if there are any to tell but will let you know if i get a reprieve. Have to think of a new topic,

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