Don't we make things difficult for ourselves? - 1 day to go  

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8/25/2006 12:33 am

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Don't we make things difficult for ourselves? - 1 day to go

In a normal situation we approach that interesting person in a bar, at a club, or at a party because we have an instinctive feeling that our interest will be reciprocated (well normal non movie star types), and here we do the first bit almost last!

I remember reading many years ago that women picked the men, and passed on those certain come ons that men responded too (and they want equality??), so despite all us mens big heads, we are just pawns to the women. This makes sense biologically as sex was for procreation and not fun, the goal to preserve the species!

Anyway back to gist, I have done all the chatting and proving my personality, and my ability to get on with the young lady I am meeting tomorrow, I have proved myself funny and interesting (unless of course she is only after the sex , which i doubt ), I have managed to grab her mind, now it can all be screwed by chemistry! this has happened before, tho to be honest we are good friends now with not many barriers to discussions, she is actually wishing me luck tomorrow. I don't want to be seen to be trying too hard, but then that can work against you, maybe the begging crying heap at her feet may be right up her street - but I think that is's regime ! but unlikely and i would never be able to go into that restaurant again, and i like McD's

Any tips, always appreciated and of course if it all falls apart a nice body to cuddle wouldn't go amiss!

No more winks today, but then maybe this blog is screwing up my "must be single" position. Don't worry Ladies the way my luck runs I will be foot loose and fancy free Saturday afternoon and very horny! However if it goes the right way, then we may be back for that 3rd person (just have to convince her that the 3rd needs to be female and not male )

Just hope she isn't reading this, or she'll know exactly what i am like , tho that may work in my favour.

Anyway, all of you who read this, have a great weekend at whatever you plan to do (or happens on the spur) but if you find a few odd moments around 1 o'clock UK time, please think positive thoughts on my behalf as every little bit will help, and maybe I'll get a little bit . Not that I'll ever tell you , wouldn't want to make anyone jealous! besides a second date would be great all on its own.

PS - the McD's was a joke, it's really Burger King their burgers are bigger!!!!

PPS if she is reading, can't wait for tomorrow {=}

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