The Encounter  

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11/9/2005 11:09 am

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The Encounter

They agree to meet again, at a little out of the way dark bar. She asked that they pretend to be strangers. As she walks in the door, she sees him sitting at a table in the back. He looks up, not quite sure, yes that is her he thinks. Their eyes meet as she makes her way across the room. She is dressed in black. A skirt, with boots exposing a hint of leg and a low cut blouse showing the swell of her breast. As she reaches the table they smile. "Mind if I sit with you? " she asks. "No, please do." he replies. They sit quietly, making idle conversation. She is nervous, and orders a shot of tequila with her beer. Sliding closer to him she takes his hand and places it under the table, into her skirt, allowing him to touch her, letting him know she isn't wearing anything underneath. His hand lingers a moment trailing along the edge of her pussy. He takes her hand and lays it in his lap, on his hard cock.

Both of them breathing harder, look at each other, acknowledging that they are about to play out the fantasy that has already been scripted for them.....

"Can I please you Master?" she asks?

I lean to you and whisper "be still be very still, pet".....

I slide My hand back down to your thighs and spread them. I slowly ease My hand on up till they reach the hot moist slit between them. Slowly I slide My finger up and down the length of the swollen lips up and down, over and over. your pussy becoming wetter and hotter. you becomng nervous if anyone notices us....but more excited because they just might. I stop suddenly on your now hard clit and circle My finger around the throbbing little knob. Then as the waitress apporaches us for our order, I slide a finger deep in to your wet hole. I slowly wiggle it around inside your quivering hole, while we make small talk with her. As she walks away I begin pumping My finger in and out faster and deeper. After just a few seconds of this you slide down a little in your seat so that your legs may spread farther apart. This allows Me to insert a second finger into wet and heated cunt. Faster and deeper My fingers pump, till after a short time you feel the explosion coming. you lean lean your head back and enjoy the finger fucking of My fingers and your eyes close and the orgasm begins you no longer care who is close by or that maybe watching or listening.........

as the spasms of your climax subsides I lean over and whisper to you once again "sit up straight". as you push yourself up straight, I pull My wet and creamy fingers from your cum soaked pussy. I bring them up to your mouth and once again whisper to you "clean My fingers, suck your juices from "

As you suck My fingers greedily and hungrly deep into your mouth as if you was sucking My hard cock. you sudden hear a noise of the waitress setting down our drinks. as you open your eyes and look right into hers , you become flushed and feel the heat in you face glow.....but you never release My fingers from your mouth as you just smile towards her astonished look...........

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11/10/2005 1:41 am

Nice, sounds like a hell of an experience, close to one I remember.

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