The Dan Brown Phenom...  

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6/11/2006 5:38 pm

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The Dan Brown Phenom...

The Da Vinci codes, O.K. I have a multitude of problems with this whole concept.

a) the book is on of the worst, managing to sound like an pseudo-intellectual 14 yr old piece of crap I have ever read.

b) In the movie Tom Hanks goes through the whole thing trying his best to look like Dan Belushi (ala red heat etc)

c) The whole idea of world running conspiracy groups just grates. We all know who runs the world. The guy's who own the oil, not some real or fictional medieaval relic of a former power base when the whole of the world's population was only 500 million (just slightly more than america now).

d) Ron Howard - The Hollywood's mister safe. No matter that as spurious and unresearched as it is, this book has upset the whole of the Catholic and a good amount of the Anglican church, gets the world's most soap opera film director...

Don't want to upset anyone call Ron Howard.

It's only my view, but that's what annoys me this week. Feel free to agree or disagree.

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