Dream or nightmare?????????  

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2/11/2006 7:24 am

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Dream or nightmare?????????

I find myself lustfully inspired by a dream I had. It All started out interestingly enough. I had met a young lady from on here and was at a Pub, sipping on a drink, doing my best to make her and I feel comfortable. Things were heating up fast as our conversations turned more and more toward the sexy side. She looked incredible and the stiffer in my pants was throbbing and my balls were aching, the flash in her eyes was melting me. Her laugh echoed in my head. I had a feeling it was going to be a good night, damn she looked fine in those jeans. we continued to talk when out of nowhere my ex-wife approached the table and said hello. I knew I was in trouble, I didn't know how long she had been in the bar and if she had seen any of the hot lil soft kisses that had been exchanged. My ex knew that I was up to something, and knew me well enough to know what it was. I was nervous,I introduced them. My friend sensed it and wasn't going to make it easy on me either. She invited the ex to sit down for a drink. I could have died. the two started talking, exchanging little pleasantries. My ex always had a lil Bi side but would never indulge with me around and by the way she was looking at my friend I could tell she thought she was attractive as well. I felt a foot slide up my leg to my cock, I wasn't sure who's it was and was afraid to look, It wasn't a good situation for me at all. I had to know and as I looked down I could see my ex's foot firmly planted up in my groin, her shoes on the floor. I have always wanted to have at the Ex for a couple hour sex fest, but this wasn't my idea of a perfect time. but she did look good, her perky breasts jiggling inside her blouse, I could almost picture her nipples getting harder...I was in trouble..the ex excused herself to go to the bathroom, and as she left my friend slid her foot right up into my crotch and started the same thing. She told me my ex was attractive , and that she liked being with woman as well, at that it was a shame she was my ex, otherwise she would try and seduce her. I almost choked on my drink, coughing and doing my best not to spew it all over the table. The ex returned and the leg slid out from between my legs. They stared flirting with each other, I was getting past being horny now. I was going nuts. I would love to see these two very fine looking woman going at it, but it was all way too scary and way too close to home.
I looked down to the floor and caught site of their legs rubbing each others under the table. My spidey senses started tingling, they seemed to be way too friendly. after a short time of watching me squirm in my seat, the confessed and told me I had been set up, and they were going to take me home and make a meal of me. My Johnson stood at attention and just about saluted. I was more than game, Oh what a night it was going to be. As we stood to leave a horrible sound filled the air, everything faded away as the friggin alarm clock went off again...One of these days I'm gonna smash that lil SOB

rm_ohsolustful 57M
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2/11/2006 10:09 am

LOL, sometimes a lil torment is a good thing!!!!

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