Wanna cumm some more?  

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2/22/2006 12:08 am

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Wanna cumm some more?

You had instructed me to wait for you in your bedroom, and you had locked the door behind you. I couldn't leave now, even if I wanted to. Which, of course, I didn't.

I had already stripped naked, and was sitting on the edge of your bed, waiting for your return. I felt cold, but burning hot inside, wondering about what you had in store for me later.

Suddenly I heard the downstairs door slam... you were home. I ran my hand along the shaft of my penis, thinking about you, and I hardened instantly. I could hear you padding softly up the stairs now, and I licked my lips in anticipation.

I heard you insert your key into the lock of the bedroom door, and the door swung slowly open, and there you were! You were beautiful, a vision of erotic bliss, and my breath caught in the back of my throat as I stared at you, just standing there, your hand on your beautiful hip.

You wore skintight thigh-high black leather boots, a black leather bodice lifting your lovely breasts, a simply gold chain around your neck and nothing else. I was simply stunned, never before had I seen a vision so beautiful, so frightening in perfection, so.. so... so perfecet for me. I couldn't take my eyes off you. My eyes roamed over every inch of you, your incedible smooth white skin, your beautiful shaven mons, your little lips glistening and twinking at me... I was breathless, and couldn't wait for you to move, to take that first step towards me......

Finally you moved towards me, staring down at me, and flicking a leather riding crop against your thigh, which I had noticed at first. I leant back on bed, my hands behind me, and exposed myself to you. I was nervous now, knowing that you already knew what my desires were, but unsure whether I could live up to my imagination.

You stood in front of me, your legs spread slightly in front of me, and lifted one of your lovely leather-clad legs and placed it between my thighs. Placing your crop behind my head you pulled my face down, and I ran my hungry tongue along your leather boots. When I reached the top of your boots I kissed your naked flesh for the first time, but you quickly pushed me back onto the bed, and told me to lie still.

As I lay there you pushed and pulled me into the position you wanted, so I lay there, spread-eagled, my legs and arms spread wide, naked and vulnerable. You ran the riding-crop up my legs and nestled the tip under my balls, lifting them and laughing as my hard c*** twitched and jumped in the air. You reached down and took my balls in your naked palm, and squeezed hard, making me groan aloud, and I rasped "please princess, please, f*** me now". You flicked the end of the crop hard against my thigh and whisperd "be quiet, slave". I acquiesced, and bit my tongue, tasting blood in my mouth, which only served to excite me more. However, it was your blood that I wanted to taste, and I wondered if you would allow me the pleasure later... I hoped so.

Suddenly you climbed up onto the bed, astride me, and straddled my chest, your p**** just inches from my face now. I could see the juices glistening along your lips, and I wanted to taste you so f***ing badly I could hardly contain myself. Thenyou took the end of the crop and rubbed it along your p**** lips, and slowly slid it inside yourself, deeper and deeper until the handle had all but disappeared. Slowly you pulled it out again, covered in your delicious juices, and ran it over my face, before sliding it between my lips so I could suck your juices from it. I groaned again with pleasure, tasting the sweetness of your p**** in my mouth.

You told me how good I was being, and lowered yourself onto my face, allowing me to lick your p**** as a reward. I was very grateful, and slid my tongue deep inside you and lapped gently along the soft and pink inside of your sex. You didn't allow me to lick you for long, and soon lifted yourself off my face as you climbed down off the bed.

You padded around to the base of the bed and knelt. Dipping your face, you ran your tongue along the soles of my feet, making me quiver and tremble with pleasure, and closed your mouth around my toes, sucking and nibbling. Moving up, your slid your tongue up my legs, leaving a trail of your saliva on my naked flesh, and nibbled gently at the skin on my inner thighs. I moaned aloud and begged again for you to f*** me. Suddenly you bit hard into my flesh, almost tearing the skin, and I whimpered, and begged forgiveness for my audacity. You looked up at me and smiled softly, and dipped your beautiful face to kiss the head of my penis, letting me know I was forgiven for now. I whispered hoarsely "thankyou Mistress", and you sucked gently, drawing me an inch into your warm wet mouth.

Then you dipped your face lower and nuzzled underneath my balls, smelling my fresh sweat and sex, and lapped your tongue around my ballsack before sucking one of my balls into your mouth as my hard c*** rested against your forehead. I needed you so f***ing badly now, but I was apprehensive of asking for more. Suddenly you bit into the skin of my ballsack and I gasped in pain, and when you raised your pertty face to grin up at me I could see my blood on your lips. I whispered "kiss me Princess", and you slid your beautiful body up against mine and kissed me hard, letting me taste my own blood on your lips. I almost passed out with pleasure, and begged you to let me taste yours.... "please Princess", I whispered, "please let me drink you"....

You slid back down my body and took

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2/22/2006 9:24 am

OOHH!! Please Mistress may I have another. I have had women draw blood while biting my nipple ring. It only makes you drive harder!! You are quite the imaginative writer. I like the way you write from the view of the opposite gender. Thank you very much, now may I have another?

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2/26/2006 8:46 pm

O Please

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1/3/2007 10:02 am

Just looking at the picture of your beautiful body make me want to crawl all over you please contact me Leo4602

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