shaving pubic hair is such a turn on!!!!  

rm_ocee4u 35M
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3/30/2006 5:10 am

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6/14/2008 3:36 pm

shaving pubic hair is such a turn on!!!!

like the title says...shavin pubic hair is such a turn on.... a coupla days back..was in the bath room with dis cute friend of mine,we were naked and about to have our bath and i thot of this shavin article i read in one the blogs on this site..and i noticed we both had bushy pubic hair so i decided to get her to let me shave her and get her to shave me>. so i decided to try my luck...i got some cream and started creamin my dick which was already growin hard at the thot of her shavin me..suprisingly she did not need any prompting from me cos she asked if she could shave me...course i agreed..she got soapin my balls and all,i was now so hard i felt i could lift weights wit my stiff rod,then she squeezeed mmy ball lightly in order to start shavin me..i couldn't help but catch my breath and when i let it out it came out so ragged i knew dat she knew it was really drivin me crazy and i noticed dat she had this look in her eye dat told me she was gettin into a very kinky mood,she asked me not to touch her and i agreed in anticipation of wat was to come, she slowly and carefully shaved me with slow sure sweeps while she slowly smoothly squeezed my balls..stroked my shaft, men i was dying here...i just wanted to plunge my hardness into her soft warm body but i kept control,in all it took her about 15mins to shave me,those are the most erotic and arousin 15 mins i've had all year, as in i was so aroused i thot wit each shave i might have a premature ejac or something...she now asked me to shave her..i sat her on the edge of the bath,,,that was when i saw how wet she had become..she was practically i couldn't help it ..i had to lick hr,taste her, god i can still hear her moans..after i had licked her clean...i got the dick was jerkin and violently protestin its being abandoned....slowly creamed her pubis...tried to hold the razor and discovered dat my hands were shaking..i really had to get a grip on my self and give her the same slow shave she gave me...i slowly started shavin her ..the smell or her pussy was drivin me positively crazy..i love that smell..she kept clutching my shoulder and squeezin me so much it hurt a little so i knew i was doin the right thing..when i got to the edge of her pussy i realized she was dripping so much dat the razor became to slipperyand i had to rinse her off b4 i finished the shave...from the moans she had been giving and the way i was aroused we both knew wat was goin to happen...we rinsed off our bodies quickly and i practically started fuckin her all the way from the sitting room to the bed was the greatest i've had in a long long time and i think i'm goin to add shavin as one of my monthly sex tonics.

Darkpassion 57F

3/30/2006 5:59 am

yea that great! give it a couple of days then you'll realise what a pain it is lol! once a month wont do it.

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