Sexual Fantasies.  

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3/17/2006 6:27 am
Sexual Fantasies.

Sexual fantasies.

I saw an interesting movie the other day which I downloaded using e-mule. Great program, e-mule... It's a Korean movie called "My Wife is a Gangster". It was in Korean so I went to another website called to download the subtitles for the film and then I downloaded a very good subtitle displayer program. The result was the first time I watched it, I only was guessing at the dialogue but the second time I had figured out finally how to download and install a subtitle display and I could finally get the dialogue too.

A great gender bender move. The fat guy in it is hilarious. I think his name is Sang - Myeon Park and the young woman is great too - I think he name is... Eun Kyung Shin...

Anyway, the movie was different to what I had expected. I had thought, I had guessed it would be about a man, married to a woman, who is oblivious that the woman is a gangster. A wide-eyed innocent. I was wrong. In this film, the husband knows for sure his wife is a gangster but marries her anyway. The in-bed scenes are hilarious... And, by the end of the movie, the guy has also been converted to a gangster, helping out his wife in killing and maiming... His wife is a gnagster boss.

Great movie. Yeah, it's a comedy.....

Anyway, I was going to write a few more sexually fantasies. Remember what I told you before though about how difficult this is for me..... It's difficult...... Maybe, in time, it will get easier... Anyway, really, one sexual fantasy I have, which I have already written about, is for a woman to just get on top of me, join with me, and just lie on me for the rest of the night. Now, that would be bliss... Or, just hold me in her arms. Our cheeks touching and rock me from side to side... Hmm. A powerful woman, probably even a deadly woman, not dissimilar to Eun Kyung-Shin.

Back to movies. Asian movies, many of the more entertaining genres at any rate, such as dark comedies are far far better than western english language movies. There isn't the need to be politically correct. Would a western movie have had a movie on this theme. A wife being a gangster.. And, even if it did, ending with the husband joining his wife in a life of killing and maiming.... I don't think so..... The moral climate, particularly in the United States, these days, is more restricted....

Paul Carr

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