Oh Dear.  

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6/4/2006 5:11 pm
Oh Dear.

Oh Dear!!

Well, I hope to go to China soon. Beijing to be precise to work as an English language teacher there. So, in recent years, I have been reading Chinese and Beijing based (English language) newspapers online. My favourite at the moment is Chinadaily. I found this article here which got me thinking:


My initial reaction was one of panic!! I download porn onto my computer on a regular basis. Bugger, just type "sex" into www.google.com and you'll find a plenty or variation on this theme whatever your peccadillo may be, "dominatrix", "domme", "sexy nurse" and so on are my present favourites.

From the article: "The Internet has made sex-lazy men even sex-lazier where they get lost in their own world," he added. "It used to be said that men neglected foreplay, but now they are neglecting sex." Phillip Hodson of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy warned that this new generation of "voyeurs" risk problems in their love lives.

Whoa!!! Philip Hodson of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. So, the fact you're from the "British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy" or have some specialist title means you know what you're talking about and the rest of us mere mortals have to drop and our tools and follow your directions?

Are you saying, Philip Hodson of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, that because I download porn onto my computer, I am becoming "sex lazy" or am "sex lazy" or am, even "sex neutered"?


Why, if porn was so pernicious, why don't government ban it then? Why can't they do the same thing they do to cigarettes, have labels put on sex websites saying stuff like "Sex is bad for you" et cetera or "Sex is bad for you and leads to relationship problems in later life".

Philip Hodson of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, you're talking out of your arse. People use porn for a variety of reasons. It is not a question of whether it should be used but how it is used. An intelligent use of porn can enhance a couple's sex life.

The article continues:

"Yesterday, the Internet Watch Foundation, the online child abuse watchdog, warned the popularity of Web porn is leading more people into child pornography. "

Whoa!!. What are you saying here Internet Watch Foundation? Is there a face I can put to your organization? Is there an e-mail address I can address you with. I presume you're a human being. Are you speaking for everybody in your organization?

So what are you saying? Are you saying that my sexy, sexual explicit webblog (certainly some of my photos uploaded here are pornographic) is encouraging child pornography? Oh!! How so? How do you come to that conclusion? So, what's your solution? Ban pornography? Put "Pornography is bad for you" warnings on sexually explicit websites. I thought fascism and censorship were things of the past in free and democratic societies.

If you want to make a connection, "Internet Watch Foundation" between two things like that, then make it and provide the evidence.

The article continues:

"Forty per cent of couples having problems with their relationships say Internet pornography is at least partly to blame, Daily Mail reports. "

Yeah, yeah, the Daily Mail is one of the most reliable sources for news in Britain. It's one of the most right-wing newspapers there. Sweeping statements like that are always misleading.

Well, let me make a response to this article:

First of all, I am entitled to write about my sex life. Why should I keep it secret? Especially, since, at this time, I am not sexually active. Get it out in the open, I say, including warts and all, my prejudices and so on. I can discover things about myself. It's therapeutic. I keep this sexy blog (the same blog is cross-posted to different blog services: blogger, blogsource, www.google.com AdultFriendFinder, www.google.com to uncover these feelings, and arousing feelings. I don't accept that I am encouraging child pornography or, by extension, the abuse of children, by doing so. I think I am making it perfectly clear that my blog represents a discussion on sexual activity between consenting adults. Regarding the porn I upload to my posts, my information is,they are quite famous porn stars or the pictures are posted on the net which I access using the google search engine most of the time.

I would never ever knowingly upload child pornography (i.e. children under 18 years old) - children who could then be identified. Neither would I upload screen dumps of women from sex-cams I visit from time to time. That would be, I think, an abuse of their confidentiality. That said, some of them are absolutely hot, hot!!

I guess there is an amorphous line regarding Japanese anime. But, these are not real people. These are cartoon depictions. And, again, it's widely available for free download using google search engine (with adult safe search turned off).

Yes, children should be protected and it is right that the download and (subsequent) upload of child pornography is banned but, not at the expense, of banning all pornography which is totally unrealistic. That would be reminiscent of the unrealistic Prohibition laws in the USA in the 20s and early 30s. People will always need porn and alcohol. Porn should be managed. It can't be banned.

Anyway, I am going to add a new discussion topic into the topic forum, "Is porn good for you?" What's your opinion? Your views are welcome".

I don't accept I am sex lazy. In fact, I give myself brownie point for writing about sex at all. And, incidentally, for any passing (female) viewers, just because you post a comment, doesn't mean I will automatically post a reply. Contrary, to what many female viewers think, men are not gagging for sex all the time. Some, such as myself, just want to discuss the subject in a calm and collected manner.


Far from it. This blog is part of a whole. Certainly, it will make an indirect means towards finding a sex partner in the future.

Anyway, there were a few things I also wanted to talk about:

First of all, I guess I am too hard on myself sometimes. But, I am glad that I am. Because keeping this sex blog, as far as I'm concerned it is a sex blog, has enabled me to uncover certain prejudices and angers I have regarding the topic which had neutered me in the past. And, contrary to what the "Internet Watch Foundation" asserts. Writing about my sex life is an outlet for me which will ensure and does ensure that I don't engage in any inappropriate relationships with underage people, for example. That's what this blog has taught me.

This blog has revealed to me my delight for younger women. It has enabled me to understand the reasons for these desires and to understand that the best sex comes from the mind and that older women (over 30) probably make the best lovers because of this, because their minds are liberated and free of prejudice and anger.

Yes, I guess there's a certain element of risqué in my blog. But, that's in my nature, I'm sorry to say. I challenge anyone to say that my blog is contributing to child pornography or the abuse of children. This is also connected with the argument made about guns. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. I don't abuse children and I unequivocably condemn the abuse of children which is what unconsenting activity is all about.

I'm not trying to trick anyone into reading this sex blog. You read it of your own free volition. I have attempted to have it listed on certain blog directories. On those directories, I make it clear it is a sex blog with sexual explicit content and photos et cetera. Similarly with the links from my main msn spaces blog. The links provide warnings.

Like it or not, many artists or people with an artistic bent, do like to live on the edge. That does not mean that we abuse children or other vulnerable people or engage in non-consenting activity, or violence.

I thoroughly enjoy keeping this blog. It's called freedom of speech and expression. I have a constitutional right to exercise it. And, I exercise it responsibly without identifying anyone, other than myself. I'm entitled
to identify myself if I so choose. Why should I keep a nom-de-plume. I don't like hiding things about myself, including my name.

Talk to ya all later.

Paul Carr

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