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4/19/2006 12:10 pm
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First of all, I want to start with an announcement. My sister rang me a few days ago and expressed disapproval that I mentioned her first name on my blog. Sorry about that!! I have removed your first name, sis. It was mentioned once on each of my blogs. I have removed references to your first name from all my blogs. For completeness sake, I have decided to extend this amnesty to my brother and my mother too, as well as my Aunt. Hmm, an oversight on my part. I won't do it again.

I'm sorry I haven't written in a few days. Writing about sex is difficult for me. Speaking about sex is difficult for me. Hence, these blogs.

I was chatting to this young 19 year old woman the other day. She's gorgeous. Very mature for her age. She told me she wants to marry in two years or so. I'm sure she will be very happy. It would appear she has a fetish for older men. She'd best know the answer to that.. By older men, I mean *much* older men. By my definition, an excess of 10 years age difference warrants *much* older. It would also appear that I like chatting to young gorgeous women.

It was nice chatting to her. Perhaps, I've learned something. Perhaps, I too have a sex fetish for much younger women. Who knows. She's young. She dynamic. She's certain she will have a successful future in whatever she is going to do. Great!! I like that!! It's a real turn-on.

But, for me, there's something uneasy and uncomfortable about it. I can't help imagining I'm turning into an older/too old drooling guy drooling inappropriately over a "gorgeous young thing". LOL

Perhaps, I need to grow an imagination and, well, date women about my age. I guess olderwomen, say 30 give or take, tend to be more resigned that younger women in late teens or early twenties. They tend to say "hmm, I've done that"... I guess I like that. Also, I want to be normal. If I were to date and bed a much younger women, hmm, there is little room for normality, it seems to me.

Regarding sexual fantasies. I reckon I need to do some work there on talking about them because it ain't easy. Well, I've gone over much of this ground already. I just want some gorgeous woman to give me a hug in bed.

Hmm, I'd love a woman in tight jeans, black tall boots and thick belt. And, well, tight up above as well. Hmm. I guess this is part of the older woman fantasy I have. The "landlady" fantasy. And, well, she's making me dinner. I've just got back from college (hey I've had this since I was 17 ). She's waiting there for me. Her hubby is out. I'm a naughty boy. We've reached an understanding whereby I haven't any underwear on underneath.

What I find a real turn-on is a situation where I'm getting aroused and ejaculating and, well, as far as she's concerned, she's doing something else. Like feeding me. I recall the famous scene from "Tequila Sunrise" where Michelle Pfeiffer is feeding Mel Gibson (lucky man) some yoghurt or something.. Or she's looking out the window and I hold her from behind (upon her instructions). I don't imagine in some of these scenarios that there is actually intercourse, oral or anal.. Perhaps, in some of them, I do, where I give her a signal of some sort, maybe, squeeze one of her boobs, and well, enter her..

[goes to toilet to relieve himself]

Damn, I'm dirty. I need to have a shower. My life is so chaotic these days. Was at social welfare these days. They've given me 4 weeks to get a job. I was pleading with the guy not to cut my social welfare. I guess I was lucky. He gave me 4 weeks. I said 6 weeks. I thought I could bargain. He paused, looked around him, looked this way and that, and then, turned to me and said "4 weeks". I said "ok". "Thanks". Hey, don't mess with guys in authority.

Hmm, well, I don't want to be too upfront about my job here. I made the mistake of doing that before and got into trouble because of it. I won't be doing it again.

Anyway, back to a discussion on sexual fantasies, a.k.a. work. LOL. I guess sex with the older woman landlady, with the shapely body, and giant boobs, is a great fantasy. Small wonder I have held onto it for years and years.

Paul Carr

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