My latest Sexual Fantasy.  

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My latest Sexual Fantasy.

My latest sexual fantasy.
Sunday, January 01, 2006 at 2:25 AM GMT
In my feverish imagination, I thought this one up only last night.


I started spanking her. She was gorgeous. Her bum stared at me invitingly. She wore a black tight skirt, high high heel boots and tight blouse. She leans her arms against the table. She told me, "Spank me, spank me now!" I spanked her. "Aren't I strong?" she asked me. "Isn't my bum so thick?". "You can't hurt me!". "Spank me as hard as you can". I kept up the rhythm of my spanking.

Using both hand in turn. She panted rhythmically. I think I was giving her pleasure. She put her hand left hand on my left cheek to stroke my cheek. "Are you aroused?" She asked me. "Yes!" I replied, as my manhood swelled up inside my trousers, still safely zipped up. But, I was wearing no underwear so my nob had plenty of room to swell up without obstruction.

"You will come in 20 seconds!" she commanded. "Yes" I panted. I was breathing heavily now, continuing the slow rhythm of my spanking. With each spanking, she let out a gasp of air. With 5 seconds to go, I was past the point of no return. I leaned forward, touching my cheek against hers. She still held her loving and gentle hand to my cheek. Nimbly, she pulled down my zipper and wiped out my member. My limbs were too aquiver to do it myself. . At this point, I erupted. My spunk spilt over her immaculate tight black dress.

I was exhausted now. "Let us lie together in bed together" I told her. "I want to hold you tight to me" I told her. So, we retired to bed and lay together in an ecstatic embrace. Ah!! We enjoyed the warm afterglow of our orgasms and we talked about our problems without holding any secrets from the other.

THE END (for now)

Paul Carr

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