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3/14/2006 4:13 pm

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More Thoughts.

Hmm, writing updates in these blogs is difficult. My policy is to be an extreme as possible in order to shake some interesting and hidden little secret about myself out, some secret unbeknownst even to myself.

But, on the whole, I enjoy writing these blogs. Like any work, obviously, the start isn't easy but once you get into the stride of it, then things are easier and you can start to have fun.

I feel impelled though, once again, to recap what I have already written about.

Hmm, I'm trying to think of something new to write today....


Something interesting, at least, to me.....


But, tonight, it seems my mind is like a block....

Oh, one thing I would like to write about is that I have noticed that since I started writing these sexually explicit blogs (blogger/blogsource/, I have acquired more of a sense of humour about it and have become more relaxed and easy-going about it.

That, I suppose, is a positive.

To recap something I have already written, I have spent some time writing about sexual fantasies which I have had. As a result, I realized that sexual fantasies are one thing, the actual mechanics of having sex another matter entirely.

Hmm, I don't expect I will be writing anything really interesting in these blogs for some time yet. Maybe, not until June/July. Until then, I expect I will be getting very few comments. Though, comments from Brenda are very much appreciated.


I suppose tonight isn't a good time for me. My ankle is killing me!!. I'm going to get this leg cut off.

Oh, I have thought of something else to write. Hmm, a few days ago, I was walking down the street here in Dublin and I saw this couple. They were Chinese. A young couple. I knew the young woman. I used to teach her English at an English language school. I think she was 19 at the time. She has the face of an angle with these beautiful sleepy eyes and drooping eyelids. Anyway, I expect she's about 21/22 now. I remember her. Both her parents are doctors. But, she wasn't interested in becoming one herself. Anyway, I sometimes see her and her boyfriend walking together, holding each others hands. Walking hand-in-hand. They seem to be very very happy together. I saw them about 6 months ago too holding hands. And, I wonder are they having sex? I expect they are. I expect they are getting up to all sorts of no-holds-barred, naughty sex. And why not? She doesn't have any hang-ups.

Hmm, what else to write about???

Tonight, my imagination has dulled down.

Paul Carr

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