Deadly Serious!!  

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2/24/2006 5:57 pm

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Deadly Serious!!

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Deadly Serious!!

Just to write I am deadly serious about this blog. I'm not doing this for fun. I'm doing this because I know that I am susceptible to depression and idleness. I am going to be extremely serious when writing this blog to the point of comedy and laughter. This sex blog is the equivalent of dead pan wit.

I must start exercising again. Particularly, jogging. I think I should go for a jog this morning. It's 1:19 now. I find that when I go jogging or any kind of exercise then my sex drive goes up. For example, at the turn of January, start of February, I went jogging 4 times. Each time for miles. Fairly rigorously and well, as I recall, I copulated on both the nights of the 1st and 2nd of February. Since then, I can't think of any wet dream I have had.

And the month is nearly over!!

Yup, exercise, as a bare bloody minmum, get back in shape, Paul Carr!!

Even, if only for writing sexually explicit entries in this blog, being aerobically fit will be conducive to experiencing erotic and aroused feelings which I can then write down and record in this blog. Yeah, as I have said, this blog ought to be a serious affair.

Sexual Fantasy


One particular, sexual fantasy, I have had knocking about in my head for an eternity. I'm an 18 innocent boy, embarking on his new life in a new university, away from his parents, and well, he moves into a B & B and has a gorgeous landlady.

Well, she seems to have some distance with her husband. Well, I'm a sexual predator in the making. Very curious about sex and sexual exploration. What 18 year old isn't?

Anyho, she's making the dinner one day. And, she, basically, orders me to take off my underwear and sit at the dinner table. She's wearing figure hugging tight latex trousers, high heel boots, delicious blouse with her breasts trust out like exocet missiles about to be launched.

She's even put on crimson red make-up. She has a stern appearance, not prone to breaking into a smile. Anyway, everything is pretty innocent to start with. We are seated at the table. She's opposite me. I'm staring involuntarily at her boobs though and she senses that I am becoming aroused.

She gets up, rounds the table, places the palm of her hand on my cheek, then takes me by the hand and leads me over to this stool, maybe 4 feet tall. I sit on it. She takes a yogurt and spoon from the table and sits astride me. She feeds me. She takes her time. I put my arms around her. Then, I placed my hands on her breasts and give them a good fondle.

We break into a fairely mundance conversation at this point. She asks me about my day at college. What was happening. She's cross-examining me. She wants to know all the details. Who I met? What I was thinking of? et cetera. I answer as honestly as I can.

Well, I'm as hard as a rocket at this stage. She instructs me to let her know about 10 seconds or so before I cum. "I don't want a mess on the carpet" she says. Anyway, she raised her slim frame off my crotch and turns around and lowers her magnificent bottom onto my crotch instead and rocks from side to side, trusting her bottom up and down. Anyway, this sets the ball in motion so-to-speak towards orgasm.

I'm going to come, I gasp "in a bit". She turns around. Undoes my zipper. Pulls my member out. She reveals her crotch and slides my member inside. "Good" she says. I grope her breasts again. Those beautiful mounds of flesh still bulbously contained with the sparkling blouse. I come hard then, 8 times in total. "Thank you" I say. She holds me in her arms. I hold my arms around her.

Well, at this point, she whispers to me she's taking me to bed. I've had a tiring day. . She raises me up carrying me by the bottom. We still joined. I was a fairly light fellow as a younger man. She groans as I am, nonetheless, quite a heavy load, carrying me up to the bedroom.


I need a jog.

Paul Carr

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