Another sexual fantasy (long existing one)... to be continued later.  

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Another sexual fantasy (long existing one)... to be continued later.

My Savour!!
Monday, January 02, 2006 at 1:35 AM GMT
I opened the door and she came in. She was stunning. She wore a tight blouse which held in place her pert, ripe breasts. She was delicious to look at!! and so young. She wore an authoritative thick black belt and tight jodphur trousers and high high heel black boots. She wore bright crimson coloured lipstick. She was heavenly. Like an angel in (almost) black. She also wore satin dark gloves. She was of slender frame.

She glided towards me. "I'm happy to be here at last!", she said. I replied that I was happy she was here. I offered her a cup of tea as I am wont to do when somebody (especially a gorgeous woman) enters my room. But, she declined. She looked around. "You've got a small place!". "Wow". "Yes, indeed" I replied nonchalantly. "But, it does me just fine!".

She walked towards me and took me in her arms and she held me close to her. "Do you like this?", she asked. "Yes" came my reply. She kissed me lovingly and gently on the lips and we embraced for a minute or so.

She instructed me to sit down on the small wooden chair in my room. I did so. She sat astride me. We continued to kiss. I felt warm. A warm glow permeated my body....

[to be continued]

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