3rd of January entry copied from alt.com  

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3rd of January entry copied from alt.com

I really don't know what to write about today. Just filled out the Alt.com questionaire.

Am I up to sharing another sexual fantasy with you tonight? I don't think so. Sorry.

I will confess though that my penis is small. I once read an article in either the Irish Sun or the Irish Mirror. This guy was writing into the paper's agony aunt. He was a virgin. He was engaged to get married and he complained that his penis was too small. Apparently, his bride-to-be hasn't seen it at that stage. Anyway, the Agony aunt wrote back to console him. She said, listen, mate, you're looking down at it and because you're looking down at it, it looks smaller and shorter than it actually is.

Okay, I'm sure the guy was consoled. But, me, no!!. My penis is small, whatever way you look at it. Though, I recall the agony aunt went on to say that when erect the penises of men are about the same size. So, maybe there is some hope for me.

Anyways, what else to write about?


I try to copy this same articles over to my AdultFriendFinder blog. I wonder if the responses would be different there. I got a pretty negative response from one viewer on AdultFriendFinder to my first sexual fantasy. We'll call it "Sexual Fantasy Number 1". He wanted to know how a man can come on a woman's instruction in 20 seconds. I removed his post and blogged him - presumably a him.

Regarding writing my sexual fantasies, I'm sure, with the course of time, I will spill my guts. Though, perhaps, it would be easier for me if I barred people from making comments at least for a week or so. Hmm. But, no, I'm not going to do that - which, of course, makes it more difficult for me. Perhaps, I will compose my sexual fantasies on Microsoft Word and then upload. That way I can edit more effectively and review more effectively and not succumb so readily to the temptation of pressing the "Send" button.

I'm just wondering just how much of a "pervert" I am. I seem to be getting much more of a response, including a more favourite response on Alt.com than on Alt.com

Returning to composing my sexual fantasies, these sexual fantasies, most of them, have been brewing for many years, most of them. But, I never put them down on paper, until now. Actually, check that, I did. But, that was when I was about 15 or 16 years old and, heaven forbid, my mother found them stowed away in my diary. Well, that was off-putting. .

But, never on an online blog, that is for sure.

To my mind, to write down my sexual fantasy, or a sex story or sexual story, would require first a degree of arousal from me. And, right now, I don't feel very aroused. Hmm. Or maybe I don't have to. Maybe, the sexiest stories, ironically, come from the application of intellect and thought rather than immediate arousal. Hmm.

Still, I think I am going to enjoy keeping my blog here on Alt.com . I'll try to post something every night. Even if it is pretty mundane stuff.

yeah, I was thinking that I'm 31 and two-thirds now. Sure, when I was 18 or so, when I was a pristine young adult, I could work myself up to arousal a lot easier. Now, it's not so easy.

Paul Carr

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