2nd of January entry copied from alt.com  

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2nd of January entry copied from alt.com

I dunno how long I am going to keep this up. It's interesting keeping a blog here on alt.com. I have a similar blog on AdultFriendFinder and blogsource. THe blogsource one has more detail. Just type in europeanpaulcarr then blogsource. The AdultFriendFinder one is at occidental74 . It's the same as this one.

Anyway, you're welcome to visit there anyway, visitors. I notice I have a few which is great!!. Also, I have a, how shall I put it, non sexually oriented blog at alt.com. Just add EuropeanPaulCarr to find that one.

Yeah, I spouting up a lot of blogs at the minute. It's great to have time to do this over Christmas.


My sex life?

Good question!! . I'm 31 years old. I will be 32 on the 22 of April. And, well, I am a virgin. My sex life really comprises of, well, looking at a stack of pornography beside my bed. . Sad but true!!. And, how often do I have an orgasm. Hmm. I was thinking about this one. Maybe, a good guestimate would be once a month. . Pretty bad eh. . But, I can be exactly sure about that one. I'm not exactly keeping count.

Arousal though is a different matter. I do get aroused quite frequently but most of the time it doesn't go all of the way. Ah, the spice of life!


What else?

Well, I notice I have received one comment and she is intrigued with my story so far (sexual fantasy number 2). But, it's really difficult writing this down. And, I mean "really" difficult. I'm sure I will get around to writing down something. Maybe, I will have to tear into my pornography first. for (inspiration) . Actually, though, sexual fantasy number 2 is one I have had for years and years.

It's just a question of putting it down onto paper I suppose

Hmm. Time to publish this post and start a new one.

Paul Carr

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