"WAS" being the definitive word...  

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11/12/2005 9:51 pm

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"WAS" being the definitive word...

So he thinks ‘she’ can suck dick? I am overly well endowed with confidence and too damned cocky to not prove him wrong. So, we’ve been chatting for a while and he’s been going on and on about how well ‘she’ sucked his dick. How he’s never had better since. How he wouldn’t want better. Little does he know because he hasn’t had me.

Here we are. Intimate. I’m starting to question whether all the shit talking he did was just a ploy, just the bait I needed to suck him senseless. Nevertheless, he caught me, because here I am, with my head in between his legs preparing to take him inside my mouth. I gently lick his inner thigh. I can feel his dick begin to harden. I work my way up to his balls. Licking them ever so slightly, using only the tip of my tongue. I lick them slowly and passionately, giving him more and more of my tongue with each stoke of the tongue. I gently suck one in my mouth, and then allow it to slide out of my mouth drenched with my saliva. Then I take the other into my mouth, allowing it to do the same. I lick up the remaining juice that’s dripping from his nuts; it’s only polite.

I work my tongue up the shaft of his rock hard dick. I tenderly lick along the rim of his head. It’s so fat and succulent; I can’t wait to take it all in my mouth. But, I’ll wait. I lick up and down his dick making it wet. As I’m doing so I can taste his pre-cum. He’s loving it. I finally decide to take him in my mouth. I go straight to deep throat because I can’t believe this nigga has the audacity to test my skills. His dick slides in and out of my mouth with the tip of his dick doing the same to down my throat. Gage reflex? What gage reflex? Simultaneously I stroke his dick with my hand. This shit is flawless, if I must say so myself.

And so it goes. And then he cums. I make sure his dick is licked clean, wipe my mouth and lay next to him perhaps more satisfied than he is. I’ve always been one for a challenge.

“How was it?” I asked
“Well, ’She’ WAS the best” he said.

rm_MKidFE 37M

11/12/2005 10:54 pm

If he's not... I'll take a spin. lol

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