Why Men Always Fuck Up A Relationship  

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3/14/2006 8:32 pm

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Why Men Always Fuck Up A Relationship

I have read some blogs and started to think of why we fuck up relationships. So, without further adoo, here is a brief overview. Please put your 2 cents in men and women, this may get interesting.

1) Kissing: Well, a man is not always good at adjusting to styles, look at our clothes and hair, and you expect us to adapt to a woman's kissing style? shit. A guy with a mullet, will have no damn clue, so lets leave it at that. But, a man will know by a woman's kiss, if she is cheating. She changes her style to adjust to the other guy. Ha! And then, you are busted. Guys don't change their style, women adapt more to the man.

2) Foreplay: We want to jump in and get laid for our 2 minutes and say we were the best fuck you ever had. Well.... tell me I am wrong. lol. We always seem to forget this part. We get the hard on and that's all we need. The last thing a man needs is the hard on but it's there and that friend of ours is hard to control. We have to jump right in. Listen, foreplay is the key. Work in to the sex, but make foreplay essential.

3)Cummin too fast think the worst part is that we get that hard on and then, we are ready to burst. You women expect so much from us, like we can all control when we can and cannot cum. You think it is easy cumming so fast? Here is what I do: I list the NY Yankees batting order in my head, then if that doesn't work, I go to past Yankee lineups. Anything not to cum. Women have it easy, they dont have to worry about this protrusion with all this extra blood just waiting to explode and then go back to sleep. It's fucked up being a man, ok, ladies.

4) Pressure: The pressure of performance and stacking up to a past lover(s). Oh man, we are screwed. At that point, we don't even get the hard on because we are so nervous, we cannot even think about sex. The last thing a man wants to hear during the day is that he is getting laid that night. We don't want you to tell us. Don't let us think all day ladies. If you do, make sure the vibrator is close by.

5) Phone calls: A man has no clue when to call a woman. If we meet you on Friday night and hit it off, why can't we just call you sometime Saturday instead of waiting at least 4 days? Why the game? If a woman said to us, "don't worry, you can call me tomorrow, it's ok" then we would have no problem. But, the first phone call is always the toughest. And we have no idea when we should. And when we do, we still fuck it up because we try to be "funny" and end up looking stupid. We all want to make a woman laugh her ass off and think we are funny, cool and tough, yet, we stumble and look like a horses ass.

6) Space: When a woman wants space, a man is distraught. We lose it in our heads. We know we shouldn't call, but what do we do, CALL!! And you ask us not too, but we feel we can change women, so we call, and fuck that up too. When a woman wants to not hear from us, we freak the hell out and have no idea what to do next. We miss you and "need" to talk to you to get a better idea of what is on your mind so we can ease our mind that you aren't fucking another guy. Then when we do call, we say the dumbest things just to keep you, like, "I wanna marry you", or, " I love you and cannot live without you". Guys: Shut up, don't say that crap, put your tail between your legs. Less is more. The worst thought for a man is this: We think you are cheating and if that is what we think, you ain't changing it sweetheart. You can tell us you aren't all you want, but if we think you are, you are not gonna like us too much.

7) Rushing: We rush the relationship. We move so fast, that we have you moving in within 3 months with us. We have to keep you so close by, that you can't look at another guy or want to fuck him instead of us. And there in lies the problem, we forget to do you the right way, so we move you in or we move in, leave some "clothes" behind by accident. lol No we dont, we do it on purpose. And they accumulate, little by little until we have a few drawers of our own and some closet space, then we move in. See how that works? We move so damn fast, within 4 months, we are gettin married and talk kids. Because, after all, we feel we have "known you for years" and it has only been a fucken week. So we start to sufficate you with calls and flowers and dates every damn night that we go broke and then have to get another credit card just to keep buying you the damn flowers you will throw out in 2 weeks anyway.

Competition: No man, and I mean no man, wants to believe anyone is better than him. For if we do,holy shit, stick a fork in us,we are done. We have to be tough,though when another man steps to us, we are shaking. lol. just kidding. A man feels no other man is equal, he is superior to anyone. Not even a bullet can stop us. We have to show that in front of a woman and she needs to know we are not to be fucked with. Most men talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? Some do, most dont. Men don't like other guys looking at their women. So, what does a woman do to help us fuck up? She wears a low cut top showing off her breasts and here comes a huge brawl 2 minutes after we just walked in to the club. It's a fact, look it up. A woman is better off wearing sweatpants and a t shirt on a date. Don't get all dolled up for us, because if you do, we will end up fighting with another guy and then eachother. Guys are funny that way, we think the other will back down and the other doesn't and then shit really happens. So, you see, ladies, cut down on the clothing and we won't fight with other guys. Can't we all just get along?

9) Sex: We have to be good. We have to, because if we aren't, off ya go to that other schmuck and fuck him all night instead of us. So, we have so much pressure(see #4) on us to be that damn good that we will fuck up the one thing we want from women, and that is sex. We want to fuck women so much, that's why we are on this damn site in the first place, TO GET LAID. And yet, we waste our money on this shit and don't get laid anyway, because 90% of it is fake. We are better off calling a call service than getting laid here. Anyway, a man has TO BE GOOD AND HAVE A HUGE DICK. And ya know what? Most don't have the big dick ladies and it will hurt you anyway. A 6" or 7" or 8" will do fine. Anything bigger than that, and you ain't gonna be happy in the morning. Hey I took enough human sexuality courses in college to know that one. What we do need to do better, is explore your whole body and study women. Tantra is what we all need to learn. If a man can just learn to take his time and take it slow and make you cum first, we will be ok. Don't let us cum first. Yeah, some of us can go another round or two, but most can't. But, man's best friend is that pill. That's right, we have the upper hand now ladies, we have the pill. So, our little secret is this, we have it in our pocket, or wallet, or a drawer. And we excuse ourselves for a minute and take that fucken pill to make sure we fuck your brains out all night so you can run back to your girlfriends and tell them how good we are. Thank god for science. And a man, we won't tell da fellas we took a pill, we just tell em we fucked you all night and get our hi fives and a free round of drinks. lol.

10)Communication: Men and Women have this problem every damn day. We never COMMUNICATE our feelings when they are needed the most. GUYS: Women want us to listen!! LISTEN! That's it, just shut your mouth and let the woman talk about her rough day at work, or her feelings on any subject. Just LISTEN!! Don't interrupt(they hate that). Here's what ya do: From a NY perspective: NOD YOUR HEAD, but don't say anything!! And there it is, the NY version of communication, lol. LADIES: Guys want to know you care. That's it, tell us you care. But, don't "NAG" us because the problem will multiply fast. If a man isn't doing the right thing in bed, tell him what you like. You cannot expect a man to know what is good or not. He is too busy feeling good himself. This is called, "LEARNING". We are not sex experts. We aren't all educated at eating Pussy. So guys, many many years ago, Nina HArtley and her male partner put out this video about eating Pussy and how to do it right. All men should buy a video and learn to eat. Do that, women ain't going anywhere. For starters, don't stop until she cums, that's good advice. Oh, don't bite her clit, they ain't gonna like you too much. lol.
Lick it and watch it all swell. So, for both sexes, we need to tell eachther what we do and do not like. That's the best part about sex, exploration of the human body. The Human Body is a sculpture, it is the purest form of art we have. Man and Woman should explore the body in full, not just a dick and a pussy. It goes far beyond that. Sex is the easy part, it's what builds up to that, that makes it all worth while.

Summary: Everyone wants to get laid on this thing. Women want to get fucked hard because their man ain't cuttin it. And the guys have 12". All well and good, but how many really understand that sex is more than getting "fucked hard" and being hung like a "horse"? My advice, learn about sex, study Tantra and read. It won't hurt. When two people connect, sparks fly, the seas will part and a new beginning happens. Here's great sex: Ready? The next day. If you had "Great sex", the next day, you aren't even on this planet. Co-workers will see a glow for the ladies and a fucken huge smile on men. So, work for "the next day".

And there it is, for now. I am sure the guys will not like me, but, you know what? I don't know them anyway and at least I am being truthfull and making everyone laugh. But I can only hope this sparks interest for a humorous discussion. Ladies, a man will fuck up more things than we know what to do with just because we want to get laid and not be alone. That's it, if it wasn't for sex, we wouldn't have the problems society has today.

It all comes down to sex. Clinton fucked up because he went out banging that scank Monica. At least he could have tried to bang Pamela Anderson who is our version of Marilyn Monroe. But no. He fucks up too. Kennedy and his brother fucked Marilyn, and they're all fucken dead. So, you see, ladies, it always starts at the top. lol


SexAngel615 32F

3/14/2006 9:45 pm

That was very good. I really enjoyed reading that. Keep up the good work.

Kaliedascope61 41M
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3/14/2006 10:04 pm

good post, can't wait to hear more.

rm_nyer05 46M
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3/14/2006 10:52 pm

thanks, as i think of more i will add to it. i think it adds some humor in to things. i appreciate the compliments. feel free to coment and add to it. i would love to laugh a bit as it goes on.


kjt45 55F

3/20/2006 7:49 pm

Your all that and a bag of chips you sure put a lot into this just to get laid lol you go boy

love ya your pimptress

justagirl32 43F
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4/2/2006 5:50 pm

I am extremely impressed with the insight you have. It is very encouraging to hear such unabashed honesty from anyone in today's climate. If is is just to get laid, so be it; I am still wowed! Please add more when you have it. I am intrigued with this look into the male psyche. You are very inspiring! LOL

cathy20076 47F

5/15/2006 8:42 pm

Nice blog. You've put a lot of thought into this topic. If you have any questions about a particular topic, I'll lend my insight in return. Your writing is outstanding! Thanks...

Jules11957 59F
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3/10/2008 9:02 pm

Wow....very impressed

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