There's just all sorts of things...  

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10/4/2005 5:55 pm

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There's just all sorts of things...

There's just all sorts of things in life we like to pick on isn't there. So many I hardly know where to begin.

Just had a short (very short) conversation with someone who you'd a thunk she found the love of her life... I mean they both felt this way and WHAM! weeks later it's apparently as messy as a gutted fish in the middle of a flock of seagulls.

Oh... let's pick on that can we? A Flock of Seagulls. Come on you still like those songs but we all want to pick on his hair.

You know what get's me. I saw this the other day. "Pre-moistened wipes". Now I can imagine wipes. I can imagine moistened wipes. But just what exactly is the scientific process to "pre-moisten them? I mean are they wetter than moistened wipes? Were they injected with some kind of moistening crystals? Moisteroids have you which "lock in and seal" the moistness...

Hmmmm moist. Nice word. I don't think I'd want my women pre-moistened though. Not a bad thing perhaps, but I'd like the joy of moistening them all by myself. Maybe I should change the topic here....

Let me rethink this for tomorrow.


12/8/2008 4:41 pm

You're funny...............

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