A dare from the past  

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8/20/2005 4:26 pm

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A dare from the past

I want to share a dare that someone asked me to do for them and see what kind of comments it brings.

After viewing my profile on Yahoo, and chatting with a cute BBW close to my location, I was given a dare by this person. We had been talking about how I am in no way bashful, so she dared me to come over to her place after I got off work the next morning and take off all my clothes for her and her girlfriend as they sat and watched. I told her to give me the address. I knew she figured I would not show up, and I was pretty much figuring she would not give me a valid address.
She gave it to me, and the next morning I showed up at a nice little house, and knocked on the door. Her expression was one of surprise, so I knew she figured I was all talk. I walked inside and saw that her friend was there, also with a bit of a shocked look.
I looked at them both and asked if they were prepared for me to start. They said yes and I started to slowly remove my clothes. I moved to within two feet of them both, so they could get a full view. Both of them were nice and wide eyed during my stripping. When I was done removing my clothes I asked if there was anything else they wanted to dare me to do, and if they liked what they saw. The original dare had been accomplished, but her girlfriend looked at me and dared me to arouse myself for them.
Not wanting to shed a dare, I slowly began fondling myself and moaning. Both of them began to lick their lips as they watched me. I aroused myself to very hard, and slowly stroked myself. At this point I asked if there was anything else. They both chimed in at this point to dare me to cum for them.
I concentrated on making this last awaile so it would tease them. I slowly stroked and moaned, brought drop after drop of pre-cum to the head, and rubbed it all over the head with my finger. About the fourth time of rubbing the pre-cum over the head, her girfriend dared me to taste it. I did, and she about fell out of her chair. I figure I stroked for a good ten minutes before I finally came.
They both invited me to sit and have some coffee, but asked that I remain naked. Neither one ever touched me, but that was their choice. It was a very fun dare, and was great to tease them like that...

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