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6/26/2005 4:41 pm

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erotic play

you follow him to the hotel where you find he has thoughtfully prepared for the evening. You sit and sip a crisp cold white wine and talk about what you both want in life, your jobs and sex. As you talk he moves behind you and rubs your shoulders. Oh that feels so good. He begins to nuzzle on your neck and slowly unbuttons your top then your bra. as he exposes your brests he whispers are you ready for fun? you mermer oh yes. He removes your glasses and asks if he can blindfold you and you agree. He slips the blindfold on.He begins to remove your top and bra and he nuzzles your nipples bringing them to attention. You are panting now needing, wanting more. He helps you to your feet and he slowly unzips your pants and they fall to the floor he touches your genitiles through your pantys and you moan with pleasure. Slowly he leads you tothe bed, he removes your panties and sits you on the edge of the bed and you wait while he sheds his clothes. he lays you back on the bed and begins to caress you bringing you to the edge of escasty but the stops there and you know you are at his mercy when he whispers "are you ready for me? you moan a reply and he asks you to be his captive and you agree knowing it will bring you to the highest sexual limits. He says "let the fun begin" and takes you prisoner in his lust.

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6/26/2005 6:37 pm

I arrive early at your apartment in order to surprise you. I set a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice and put a pan of lasagna in the oven. I prepare the garlic bread and get it ready to go it to the oven just as you are coming home. I time everything just right so it will be ready about one hour after you get home which will give you time for a nice bath and massage. I lay some roses around the bathtub as I drew a nice warm bubble bath for you. I hear you coming in the door and go to greet you. You are so surprised and happy that you jump into my arms. I give you a passionate french kiss and then cary you back to the bedroom. I help you take your clothes off and then I lead you to your bath. You are so happy as you get into the bath that tears are forming in your eyes. I dismiss myself to check on the food. I pour two glasses of wine and return to the bathroom. You take your glass and drink it down fast. I return to the kitchen to refill it and when I return to your room I find you toweling off with a rose in your mouth and a seductive smile. I tell you that the food is ready and you smile and say,"I will be there in a minute" I set plates of lasagna on the table and cut the garlic bread. You come out in a sexy revealing gown and sit down. You say,"you know that treating me this good is going to get you a fantastic desert". I smile and say,"yes you know what my favorite desert is". We talk and laugh as we eat. I fill your wine again and again and I can tell you are getting tipsy. I clear the dishes and place them in the dishwasher. You get up and get something out of the refrigerator and say,"I am going to get desert ready". I finish cleaning up just as you call my name saying,"desert is ready". I walk back to your room and find you on the bed naked wit a rose in your mouth and whip cream on your breasts and pussy. I smile and say,"well this looks so good that I do not know which place to eat first" I take my clothes off and join you on the bed. I kiss you on your neck and nibble on your ear. Your hand finds my rock hard throbbing cock. I lick the cream off of each of your nipples and gently suck them until they are hard. I kiss my way down your stomach to your thigh and plant my face between your legs. You moan as my tongue slides deep inside you. I lick up all of the cream and it tastes so good as it mixes with your juices. I place my hands under your ass so I can get deeper. You moan like crazy as my tongue flickers in your pussy. I grab your vibrator off of your night stand and turn it on. I push it slowly deep in your pussy ar I thrash your clit with my tongue. You let out a loud moan reach down and grab the back of my head and force my face into your crotch as you arch your back. Your orgasm is long and hard and you are gasping for breath when it is over. While you are catching your breath I apply some Stay Hard cream and a condom to my cock. The Stay Hard will make me last a long time so you can cum again and again. I feel the cream working my cock gets slightly numb. I lay on my back and you take the hint and get on top. I feel the warmth as my cock slides deep up in you. You moan as my cock gets fully buried in your pussy. You say,"fuck me and fuck me hard". I spread my legs and grab your ass as I thrust my cock up in you. I lean you forward and take a nipple in my mouth and gently suck it. This sends you into an orgasm and you thrust your hips hard to meet each stroke as I pound at your pussy. You are moaning loud and I can feel your pussy cramping against my cock. You get off and get into the doggy position as you catch your breath. I get behind you and you moan with ecstasy as my cock is buried deep in your pussy. I pound hard and fast and my thighs hitting your ass makes a slapping noise. You are moaning wildly and say,"harder harder". You grab your vibrator and place it at your clit as I pound away. With a loud moan you begin to orgasm. Your cum juices squirt out of your pussy as your muscles contract. You lay there out of breath and covered in sweat as I take the condom off and wash my cock off. I get back in bed and lay on my back. You get on top and say,"I am going to make you explode". I moan as you sit down and my cock slides deep up in you. You start going up and down hard and I am in ecstasy. I spread my legs and grab your ass so I can get deeper. I thrust my cock up to meet you as you come down hard. I feel it coming and bury my cock all the way in while I hold your ass tight and explode with a torrent of warm cum. You feel my juices squirt inside you and erupt into another long moaning orgasm. We lay there out of breath and covered in sweat. I turn to you and say,"that was a wonderful desert. I believe I will have some more of that later" You smile and say,"you bet you will"

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6/26/2005 7:52 pm

that was soooo good u are a great writter!!!!! i felt so horny!!!

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