Taming the tiger  

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7/31/2005 5:16 pm

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Taming the tiger

He has you where he wants you now! He brushes your face with his manhood teasing you by playing it around your lips. You flick your tongue out trying to catch a taste. He pulls away and lays you on the bed. He hooks your bound hands to the hook he has above the bed. and he begins to tease you. He nuzzles your neck and you moan with pleasure. He licks and sucks your breasts as you wriggle with pleasure. He works his way to your mound and teases your mound with his tongue making you cry out with desire. He is playing with your mound and you beg for him to take you. He laughs and says not yet I have more for you, at this he binds your legs spread eagled and now he can take his time and there is nothing you can do but enjoy it. He wants you to experiance all he has to give you. He takes a bottle of warm oil and begins to massage your whole body with it paying close attention to your breasts and clit. He then gets your vibrator and begins to play it all over your body. You cry out in pleasure and beg for his cock. He plays his cock on your face and asks if you want to suck it. You respond yes and he puts his cock in your mouth. You suck on it tease it with your tongue and just when he is about to cum he pulls it out. He teases you with a feather lightly touching every erogenous area with it you are writhering in desire straining against the restraints. He decides that you are now ready for him and he ties your legs up on hooks above the bed and he begins to give you his manhood, slowly at first then harder and harder. You scream out in pleasure, He drives harder and harder till you both explode in orgasm. Oh my god what an experience. He lowers your legs but does not undo your hands, He wants more, He begins to prepare you again......................

inthehunting48 61M

7/31/2005 6:35 pm

iT WILL BE A MOST joyus date ,this was just the appertizer

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