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7/9/2005 9:12 am

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Erotic Play

He calls you and askes if you are free tonight for another date. You say yes. He say to meet him at the ritz at 6pm. You are excited about seeing him again. You get ready and while getting ready you wonder what will be in store for the evening.
You arrive at the ritz at 6 pm and you walk into the bar and get a table to await his arrival as he asked. While you wait you have a glass of white wine. He enters and approaches the table you can already see that he is ready for a fun evening. He sits and orders a drink and there is some small talk. He asks about your day and you chat about the job and the weather and the red sox. He finall says to follow him to his room. You are in awe that he chose the ritz for this night. You enter the elevator and as the doors close he pulls you to him. You can feel his arousal through his tight fitting jeans, He is rubbing your pussy and you are instantly wet. you want him right there. You push the stop button on the elevator and you take his hot cock out and you suck it right there in the elevator. He pulls you to your feet and turns you around and enters you from behind and gives you a tates of what awaits. He restrains himself and does not cum. He stops and says the rest will ahve to wait and he starts the elevator again. You arrive at the floor and he leads you to the door of the room. Before he opens the door he pulls out a blindfold and slips it on you. He opens the door and leads you into the room. He slowly begins to undress you. you moan with pleasure as he nibbles on your nipples. He has a silk scarf and he binds your hands to make it more erotic. he unzipps your pants and they fall to the floor. you are exposed and trembling with anticipation. He nibbles at your mound and then removes your panties. He leads you to the bed and sits you on the edge. He toys with you brushing you face with his cock. You want it so badly. He knows your excited and he has more in store before he lets you have his cock.

TryMe318 59M
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7/11/2005 9:48 am

He brushes his face along your thigh and caresses your mound with just his hot breaths... nice, very nice.

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