Erotic Play  

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7/5/2005 6:37 pm

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Erotic Play

The fun will begin now. He is tantalizing you with the feather and he gives you just a little taste of his cock. Slowly he drips warm lavender scented oil on your breasts and begins to massage them. He dribbles warm oil all the way down your body massaging every inch of skin and you are getting more excited. you want him so badly now. he is running warm oil between your legs now playing with your mound and clit. god your so hot and you cry out please please take me. He whispers not yet. and he turns you over and he begins to drip oil all over your back and massaging his way to your butt he is playing with your butt now flicking his fingers around your virgina. you moan and he takes the vibrator and teases your pussy with it. oh god he's stimulating your clit you are so excited your ready to cum. He stops and tells you to get on your knees and he enters you from behind. Oh god he's so hard and you are so ready for him. He thrust slowly at first then harder and harder you match his thrusts and he buries his cock fully in you and you both explode in orgasm together. Your pussy grips him and you squeeze every drop from him and you bith collapse in a heap of sweaty hot flesh.

rm_Rayray13134 57M
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7/5/2005 7:53 pm

Nice story line, would love to be the man teasing and pleasing you.

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