Erotic Encounter.  

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8/13/2005 9:36 am

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Erotic Encounter.

On the job in Boston. Had made a date to meet where tour buses park so we could chat and see if we would like to go further. Sitting there waiting I began to think what was I thinking. I was on the job and all I wanted was to have this get together to see if it woulkd lead to something more. He strolls down the street and spots me. He walks over and introduces himself and we sit in the bus chatting. finding out likes and dislikes ect. Next thing i know he is rubbing my shoulders, not a bad thing, it feels good. then he kisses my neck and his hand slides down to my breast. the begins to fondle the breast through the uniform and it immediatly responds. We move to the back of the bus out of the sight of passerbys. He kisses my passionatly and I feel his manhood against me. It is hard already. He begins to undo my uniform and frees my breasts and begins to suck on them. It feels so good and my whole body is responding to his tongue. Now he undoes my pants and he finds my clit with his hand while he continues to suck on my breasts. Wow I am already wet and when he fingers my clit I want more than his fingers. We are however on a bus and need to be careful. He plays with my clit and sucks my breasts until I explode in orgasm. I then in turn remove his cock form his pants and stroke it while passionatly kissing him while he plays with my clit. I take his cock in my mouth and suck it and tease it with my tongue whilr he plays with my clit and drives me to another orgasm, We both cum at the same time and fall back on the seat of the bus I'm in awe that his random meeting woild go to this extreme. What a night in Boston!

inthehunting48 62M

8/21/2005 7:32 pm

AWE!!!!!! that:s a HOT night in BOSTON.
those bus tours have their benefits

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