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7/7/2005 1:08 am

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I have been married for almost seven years and me and my wife have always seemed to have a good relationship. About 3 years ago we started going through on of those "bad times". She was always stressed out about one thing or another and even the little things started to just make her depressed. Me being the concerned husband that I am (Don't think me the Sir Lancelot type I'll admit some of my motivation was that our sex life started suffering badly. That being said I'll say that I love my wife and would do anything for her.) I started reading on things I could do to help relieve some of the tension in her life. Sex is always a good tension reliever and makes you feel like you can handle alot of things, but you have to be able to get into the feel of it. I found a writing on relaxing massages that seemed like it might hold the key to me helping my wife cope with some of the issues that I had no way of handling on my own. I read the writing and it told of the healing power of massage and I was intrigued enough that I went to my local library and checked out a book on theraputic massage. The book was very helpful on showing me some of the key points to hit to help tension. I started exercising my hands(Not talking about masterbation) to get them in shape. One product that can help is the same kind of exerciser that guitarist use for finger strength or the squeezers that build your forarms. I then picked my night when she was feeling really stressed and told her (not asked) to lie down and relax and that I knew something that would help her. I covered her head to keep the light out and also so she wouldn't know I had my book there for reference and preceeded to massage her. I know that I was nowhere near as good as I am now, but the change in her was noticable. I later on learned some things about sensual massaged and combined the two. As a result she gets massaged 3 to 5 times a week and always feels like she is in my debt(which can be good sometimes/lol). Truth be told I don't mind doing it it gives me an excuse to rub on her naked body alot. I have also learned that when she is being rubed she is very open to suggestions/lol. I think that the massages have contributed to us working through the bad times. Its also nice to hear her friends get jealous about the massages she gets(always a nice addition to ones ego). In doing this I have found a new love for the female body and my wife specifically. If you aren't doing them for your loved one then We both can say that you're missing out.

P.S. It scored me big points when she found out all the research I did to satisfy her. She said it was better than if I had always known it. Happy Rubbing!!!!

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10/22/2005 3:21 am

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