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10/23/2005 7:44 pm

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I dont have much time to post latly , I ve been all over the place so fast that sometimes im not sure if im coming or going, this week alone ive been to , durham conneticut1800 miles round on the ground 2 days , towsend tenn 75miles on the groundback and forth every day a little hole in the wall called halls cross road tnn 35 miles , just to meet a e. friend in the flesh for an hour {no carnal ,this time ........}but a guy can hope ,no?
last week i changed my photo on a site i have been on since last nov , and have got no responses the new i have just posted here,since i posted that photo on the other site i have received 15 responses tho i did not change anything els in the profile . but alas i dont pay for their service either so i am still unable to connect with any one .point to note tho ,the woman i went to see in halls crossroad simply emailed every vidiohunter at . com she could think of , and yes she found me , it s not like im hiding im just very busy, to all of you who are goint to the convention , please be very nice to every one therei would be very good if every body is able to have a good time and go home fellin fullfiled by there expeiance there
SO GO AND PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS and may the forces of nature be with you
p.s. goddess if you read this ,....... i know somthing realy good for um.... head aches?

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10/24/2005 6:15 am

~ innocent lewk ~ you do?

~ big smile ~

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