and so begins my great adventure!  

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6/6/2005 1:46 am

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and so begins my great adventure!

who said life is over at 40! im 39 and felling 25and65 i love it.i just started a new job ,and im very exited about it,theres so many new things to learn, and some room to advance. ive made some new freinds and and im looking forward to meeting all of you,not all at once please that would probably wig me out some.yes that pic is acualy me and if your wondering it was taken last month at a mountian stream near my home.that water was soooooo cold oh my god it was cold,but good exhilerating!it was warm that day and i had hikede a coupel of miles to get there ,after a hour long motorcycle rideon very muddy roads .but it was so good to get out town and just hang out {literaly}well thats bout all i have to say to nite.hope they post me .late.

rm_notsoold65 51M

6/10/2005 12:55 am

thanx honey, you are da bomb, i havent got out this month, and its kinda depressing me,i love the woods ,sometimes i go and and walk for miles at night withuot a flash light off the trails,my friends say im nut ,that one day ill get eaten,maybe they are i dont know ,what i do know is it feels right to me,i"ve been doing since i was a child, used to be becaus it scared the livin daylights out of me,but now i know everybody out there and feel no {wellsomtimesi do get the shit scared out mebut usualy its only my old chid hood fears haunting me,, they still do that some}real fear,thers a story i would like to share bout one of these walks a few years ago ,
idont have any pics for this onedidnt have money back then just lived off the land not much more than an animal iwas in those daysa bad break up after 10 years had brought me there,{i was such atrue beliver,and sometimes to my dismay i still am}i had taken a long walk up a small creekinthe dark thats how i used to make the bad stuff in my mind go away, iwalked about 10 miles and realized that i was verey tiredit was brobably 2 or 3 in the morning when i found a little medow about 40 feet acrossed the moon was setting iannd would have no light to walk with until morning so i trampled dow somev grass to make a bed and layed down on my back just laying there starring out at the starswatching the moon go downi drifted off into deelisios sleep ifelt so perfectly safe there,snort!..that was the fist sound iheard inthe morning,{i taught myself to alway wake up with my ears first then to awaken all of my skins surface to check for snakes caus i have a warm body and calm spirit and they have slept with me befor ,much to my discontent}as i slowly became awre of my seroundings ifelt warm breath on my face it smelled like horse this caused me to open my eyes rather qukly not wanting to be be trampled with them closed,and there in my face not one inch from my nose was a fawn its front legs on either side of my shouldersits rear hooves touching my nuts, the quckness with witch i had opened my eyes startled herand she jeked her head back at that point i hear a grunt fron the edge of the thiket surround the medowand both the fawn me turned to see, was her mother ,notalamed but more gently scolding her for disturbing my sleep a second snort in the oppisite direction sent her frolicing side ways accross the measdow to her mothers side, then i noticed the large buck in the dirrection the second snort had come frombut even he did not look alarmed just maby annoyed at her for not responding to her mother,as they quietly left i arose to find that i had beded down5 ft from wher they were sleeping, it warmedd my heart like i cannot describe with words ,and still does to this day.when i get to felling to left out by my human family i try and remember this storyidont know but i just cant stay sad thru it ,some how you reminded me of this to day and thats why i shared it with you.may be i was felling alittle leftout but not anymore thanx honey!ps it dosent really matter to me if any body believes the story or not caus it s mine.

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6/15/2005 1:13 pm

~ sendz sum hugz thattaway ~

thank you for sharing. Nature is beautiful and awesome all together, all in itself

rm_notsoold65 51M

6/15/2005 4:37 pm

thank you all very much,i realy enjoy the contact with the outside world
i espesiaaly glad to those of you who take the time read this blog of mine i truly do feel a lot less lonly. big huge grizzly bear hugs and sloppy wet kisses from my side of the mountian

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