Unique morning  

rm_nostring7669 47M
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2/6/2006 5:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Unique morning

Drove in the snow today. Well, not IN THE SNOW - but I was driving on the road while it was snowing. No small feat as I was working Dalton, GA, which rarely gets snow. Do people that see snow all year long appreciate its beauty?

The morning was full of client/prospect business with varying lengths of time between them. This AM activity gave me ample time to affirm what I hear my northern buds say, "people just don't know how to drive in it down here". Fair enough. Or act. I witnessed completely dry to thick flurries to a simple cold sprinkle all in about two hours, but apparently that was enough to shut down Walker County schools. Huh? I am sure I fit the mold perfectly as I cruised Dalton for about an hour while never looking at the actual road.

Pretty stuff. It was running about 35 degrees with the wind, and I still hung my arm out the window to see it fall. The contrast between tight, tall buildings downtown to flat, firm lawns outside, with regard to accumulation, was obvious. Noticing its rate of descent, I compared the trajectory to that of rain and found that snow is quite the swirler. Seeing the flakes come at me is my favorite. Each flake, following his closest (literally) pal by what must be split-seconds, flattening on my windshield in succession. Is it me, or do those damn things make up their collective minds to come attack my windshield all at the same time?

Until I look to my left as I drive. This is a much different perspective: less brutal and less personal.

Still awfully pretty.

rm_coathanger37 48M/48F
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2/6/2006 6:49 pm

Same way over here. Don't see much of the stuff. But when we do ... oh man. I could sit outside for hours and hours just watching it. Schools close, banks close ... heck even some of the gas stations close.

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