Thoughts of her....con amor  

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2/12/2006 11:30 pm

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Thoughts of her....con amor

Today we spoke again.

I can't tell anyone reading this what it means when I hear her voice, what I feel.

She tells me that at the birthday party for her son her Father was asking more intense questions of her.

Her Father, a smart man, said that he felt I didn't trust her and he wanted to know what she has done. Why she would break promise to me and why I worried about her not wearing my ring.

She told me that she explained to her Father that I love her and her son very much and that I worry about everything.

Her Father worries that they will not be safe in America, like any good Father.

I told her that if she does NOT feel as though she can trust me that she should not come to America.

If she does NOT love me she should not come to America.

If she does NOT believe I am the only man for her she should tell me now, I would understand.

I wanted her to answer her own doubts, her own questions. I think she knows I know more and I can't find a way to confront those things that now seem so unimportant.

I believe in second chances and I feel this is foolish of me, but I am a fool for love...what if everything I think I know was only a story made up by other people because they don't like the woman I love.

I never thought it was possible but I guess I look for an excuse to love her beyond the possible cheating that goes with some lies, broken promises.

I have re-injured myself from a car accident and I look at a surgery as a possibilty. I am in great pain but and a few intense prescriptions.

I use to have some great fantasy or memories from my trip and times with her...

She is such a fun lover and we enjoyed a lot of foreplay, fondling, as well as multiple positions..the first woman that in my life wanted slow non stop different types of sexual stimulations that last for hours before actually getting into some hot steamy sex...

I want to fly to her now, take her in my arms, kiss her, slowly caress her, fondle her and make sweet slow love to her until we are both hot and sweaty again....

Thanks for reading and for those of you that feel so inclined, leave a note.

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