Love sex lies and forgiveness... is it possible ?  

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1/31/2006 12:09 am

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Love sex lies and forgiveness... is it possible ?

Today I speak with my love in Cartagena, Columbia. She is the one who betrayed me, I believe.

She in her own way apologize for the way things seem but say that this is not the way things are.

She tells me that she is true to me and to our dream of being together in the USA to create the family that we both want.

Her tone was very sad tone as if she were guilty, she says she went to confession this past weekend and that helped her very much.

She ask that I pray to God that we can get through these times and that she promises to be the best wife ever for me in America.

She seems to forget she is not in America and what about promises to be faithful, honest, open over large distance now.

My heart feels very much like forgiving but my mind tells me that this could be another part of some "game" she never ask for money.

She tell me to make sure I save enough for tickets to America and small wedding that we spoke about.

I spoke to her parents with the help of an interpreter and they we happy that I am part of their family. They have no idea ( I think ) of their daughter's activies.

Her parents want very much that our dreams come true in America and that in time we will return to Cartagena with baby from our marriage. They say this would be happy time for them.

Fiancee, talk to me about intimate times and that when she thinks about those tmes when we had sex she goes to her room and masterbates thinking of me.

She tells me this is good for now but can not wait to see me again in person and that I should get very much rest because she wants "her Big Dick" every night when she first arrives.

She tells me that she wants to do it in the car in the parking lot at airport because she wants "her BIG Dick" and she gets excited thinking about our past sexual foreplay, games and orgasms.

Personally, the small head is thinking forgive her we all make mistakes, the thinking head thinks that if she lies once she will lie again, and now I finish this update feeling like a kid but I know I am not kid.

Does viagara work if I forgive her? joking...I still have not made up my mind but I am not playing with her emotions either.

I tell her my feelings even though they make her sad that I have difficulty forgiving...

Thanks for reading and I hope your life is much better than mine...because I have too much to think about


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