More wild times  

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4/30/2005 5:02 am

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More wild times

Wow, what a couple of days I've had. Thursday night, after the AHL playoff game here in Hartford, I went out with a couple of friends to a local south american bar/restaurant where all the waitresses are hot Colombian girls. But they all have boyfriends, so we just go to look and to talk to them in spanish (well, two of us do. The third of us just sits there bewildered). However, the new hostess is single. And as soon as we walked in, she was all over us.

Specifically, she was all over me. And I mean ALL OVER. Since she was cute, I didn't mind. And after some tequila shots and several Tecates, it was clear what was coming up. My two friends departed (since after all the two of them have have a girlfriend and a wife), and I took the hostess find out it was her time of month. Good thing I got some earlier in the week! And here's the real kicker: she's 20 years old!

For all of you women who don't reply to me because I'm 36, let that be a lesson to you.

Last night, I went out to meet some friends for happy hour. Except that we were supposed to meet at 6 and they were nowhere to be seen. So I went to another local hangout and ran into a friend of mine who works with me at the local hockey games, and we started sending down the beers. While there, a girl who was from Colorado or something latched onto me, and made it quite clear that she wanted to take me home RIGHT NOW. But there were three things wrong: first of all, I was hanging with my friends, two, she had bad breath from the vodka she was pounding, and three, she wasn't all that attractive. And she was 32 and looked 40. But she also thought I was 27! I love it!

So I explained that I was waiting for friends to show up, which finally happened around 830 or so. She asked again for me to go home with her and I told her to call me later. She takes my phone number, rips it up in front of me, and walks out of the bar! My friend looks at me and says, Good! You didn't want that anyway!

He was right. And it proves that I'm not the slut everyone thinks I am!

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