so this is a blog is it ?  

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7/16/2005 7:25 pm

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7/7/2006 11:25 pm

so this is a blog is it ?

well , i like it i like it ila la la like it ....bloggin all over the world !!
i can honestly say that this site worked for me.........oh yessss . and i gotta admit, "it was great".

so proffesional i cant wait to go for it again, you know who you are,and untill you give the word my lips are sealed, ok so if it works { the blog thingy that is } then we could get a session going, for instance its summer and warm, so hey party on in swindon or the surrounding area, how about some dogging people, stop thinking about it ......and do it , the buzz is mental especially when your other half is losing the plot watching ,joining in , or just plain enjoying someone elses partner for the swap feel dont mean u dont love eachother anymore, it just means u woke up ,smelled the coffee and realised "SEX IS AN ACTIVITY THAT RELIGION HAS SUPPRESSED FOR YEARS" and us brits are a bit .....well lets say squeeky clean but dirtier than a roman brothal behind closed doors.

its kinda funny how we hide ourselves away in order to do what comes natural, its also funny how we seem to associate love with sex...........i would hope my wife doesent fuck my brains out just cos she loves me ?

see my point.
i love my wife , so if she fancy`s getting fucked silly by a large black guy, or a short tripod guy then hey......i love her right !
you go girl...........but let me play hehehehehe

big up all you people reading this ....cos it means u are in touch with one of your senses....that will be the important one then huh ?

the one that ensures not only that life continues on this floating in space lump of mud n rock [ the world ] ....but also ensures we keep smiling.
similer to the words of "sir stephen hawkin" ......"the world would be a much nicer place if we all just kept shagging".

remarks please , or have i wasted ages 4 nowt ?

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rm_noobies69 46M/44F
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7/7/2006 11:25 pm

wow i even exist ?

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