heres another...  

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3/4/2006 8:21 am

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heres another...

im in springfield fixing a double oven..the wife is pissing and moaning about her husband and how he doesnt let her do anything..i say like what?
she starts going into how they have a shit marriage and he hasnt touched her in a long time yadda yadda yaddda..i tell her shes attreactive and ask if she's got a boyfriend since her hubby wont do her...she laughs and says no..she couldt with her schedule...i blatantly look at her tits while im talking to her..letting her know in interested...she takes off her zippered jogging jacket while looking me in the eyes...i smiled and tell her nice tits or something like that..i had finished the job and we sat down on her couch...she's more into talking at this point, so i let her. still complaining about her hubby...i can tell shes into it but just not right there on the couch...we're touchy feely now but igot other service calls to do and im there way too long as it is...her doorbell rings and kills the whole mood..she quickly gives me her cell number and i thinking this is fucking great, so i called her the next day and she's full of guilt...we didnt do anything but shes guilty about fooling around on her hubby even though hes a dick to her yadda yadda yadda..

SaucyNSassy 39F

4/1/2006 8:52 pm

lol... That SUCKS! I wanted more to happen. (as I'm sure you did) Damn, what a tease!


rm_njmale7321 51M

4/2/2006 3:47 am you have any repairman experiences!

SaucyNSassy 39F

4/5/2006 9:27 pm

Awe, honey, unfortunately, I don't.


rm_njmale7321 51M

4/6/2006 4:03 pm

do you WANT a repairman experience!!!!

elemenop2 53F
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4/15/2006 7:35 pm

So here's my scenario...

We've got this side-by-side fridge with an ice-maker that doesn't work. Hubby is very handy with his tool... and not bad at household fixups either. But this job takes a pro so we hire a professional appliance repairman. We scheduled an evening appointment b/c after all how would it look if I was home alone when strange men came to service whatever needs doing (in this case, maybe me).

Repairman shows up, he's a few minutes late b/c he pulled over to have a beer. I can smell it on his breath. Very sexy. Right this way... I lead him to the kitchen just as the phone rings. Hubby will be taking this call in private, so goes upstairs. Let me know if you need anything, I'll be right here on the sofa while my pedicure dries. Seated in a yoga position, I roll up my loose yoga pants to my knees, and wiggle my toes under a mini-fan to help the polish dry. That little hole in the crotch right there, well I'm not embarassed about that... should I be? The repairman peeks into the family room where I'm sitting, and halfway through asking me a question, he notices the hole in the crotch. You got a little hole there, he says playfully. You bet I do, is my reply. A quick wink shows him I can be playful too. A few moments later he is back, the icemaker seems to be working, it was just a minor adjustment.

I really feel bad charging full price for just a few minutes' work, but it's policy. Well then perhaps you should give me a little something extra for my money, dont you think? Sure thing, but your husb... My husband is busy and won't be back down for awhile. Let me show the laundry room in the basement, the washer has been giving me a bit of trouble, I say as I lead him down to the basement. He looks around. Nice set up, leather couch looks comfy. It is, why dont you sit down? As soon he does, I unbutton my top and kneel over him, 40DD's swinging bralessly in his face. You like? I like, he responds, his lips parting. With a forceful hand, he takes both tits in his hands, and squeezing them together licks my cleavage and then my nipples. Oh baby you know what I want...

He yanks down my yoga pants to reveal a juicy pussy, ready and oh so wet. I reach for his zipper but he's already there, removing his pants to show me what he's got. Nice. It's big and it's thick too. Just the sight of it makes me want to suck him so deeply. I drop to my knees to service him orally, his big juicy cock disappearing into my mouth. I can barely get it in halfway, it's so big. And I'm so loving it. Licking, swirling, sucking, while I cup his balls and rub them between my fingers. His throbbing cock feels fantastic in my mouth. I could go on sucking him all night. But suddenly he pulls me and while I am standing before him once again, he grabs my thighs and pulls me forward to his face. His skillful, hot tongue darts between my pussy lips, finding just the right spot and he licks and flicks my clit, one of his fingers exploring my hole while his tongue is pleasuring me. It's exhilerating, his tongue and finger together, and I'm moaning now in pure ecstacy... it feels fabulous and I don't want him to stop, but the more he grinds away at my cunt, is that two fingers now? or three? Well the more he ravages me, the more I want to feel his COCK inside me.

Fuck me baby, give me your cock! I'm getting louder now but I don't care. I want that thick cock inside of me and I want it bad. And so does he! Suddenly he's on his feet, bending me over the couch and taking me from behind. He is fast and furious, his huge cock plunging into my dripping wet pussy, doggie style. And I am begging like a dog for more. Oh baby, do me baby. Yeah that's it, harder, harder. He's pounding away so hard I can feel his balls slapping against my ass and the ocassional spank as well. His cock is so swollen inside my pussy. The walls of my cunt are like a glove around his shaft. I can feel it throbbing and he plunges it into me again and again. He's so fucking hot and I don't even know his name! Nor do I care! Harder! Harder! Hurt me! He is grunting now like a caveman, using my juicy wet pussy to engulf his cock and he brings it on home. You hot whore, he says to me. I love how you fuck, I say to him. I love watching you both fuck, my husband says...

We don't stop. We can't stop. It feels too good and we're both almost there. I can't turn to see him but I know my husband is jerking off, I recognize the sound of his watch jingling with every stroke. Now he's moaning too. And so are we. Louder and more frenzied.

I'm coming, I'm coming...
Harder, harder, hurt me!
Fuck her, fuck her good!

In a chorus of frenzied moans, we all cum simultaneously.
Spent, each of eyes the other up and down, and in the awkward silence my husband is the first to speak... can you cum again this weekend? We've been having trouble with the washer...

* hope you enjoyed my fantasy ~ keep in touch

rm_njmale7321 51M

4/16/2006 3:30 am

now thats what im talking about!!

let me know if i can be of service to you..staten island is part of my


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