an evening home alone???  

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7/9/2005 9:25 pm

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an evening home alone???

I am sitting @ my pc- the house is silent- everyone is out for the evening- thus I have a few hours to myself- I log in to my yahoo and head for the role playing chat- I use a racy anime photo for my profile hoping that ppl will take the suggestions from the pics- I take my time looking for just the right chat- I am getting excited- I start to touch myself-Little did I know I was being watched- outside under the window 2 dark clothed men- worse the backyard is dark isolated and treed- plus the backdoor is open- screen too- to allow the house to cool for the night- the men look @each other, smiling the leader say “ change of plans” ‒ testing the door the creep inside softly ‒ by this point I am chatting away oblivious to the intrusion- wishing for some real male stimulation- I am rolling my fingers over my breasts, which I have recently exposed- the would be robbers turned sex fiends grab me- one stops my hands on my breast while squeezing them- while the other gags me and lifts me from the chair- “so what have we here” he says “I’d heard the house was gonna be empty tonight….”
I gasp thinking that was true oh no they are robbers…..”but” he continues” looks like we’re in for some fun instead.”- his grin is vicious and the other just nods his head, fondling my breasts harder- nibbling my exposed breast- when he is hit on the head by the first “lock the door- we don’t want any interruption or other distractions do we” the leader says- “ok boss”- looking at me the boss or Archie, as he was know asks where to start- he loosens his grip- I try to run- but he trips me- “ of course”, he says” the floor”- grabbing me he pushes a hand between my legs and under my nightdress- “ I get her pussy first “ the Archie calls “fine with me Archie” ‒ with everything settled between them the Archie proceed to rip my thong off- “ sit up” he commands ‒ I struggle- he shoves a finger in my dry pussy- “ stop and sit up”- still struggling I gasp as a second finger joins the first- I start to cry- tears on my face I slowly sit up-“ good” he begins pumping his fingers in and out of me- I can feel them getting me wet- “ yes” he says feeling the juices start” now ‒ lets see this shirt must go” ‒ nodding to the second- who has undresses- he kneels behind me ripping the nightdress off- breaking the straps so it falls to the floor- “ah yes “ they declare, their eyes on my huge breasts” hold her” he command of the second pushing me toward him- I can feel his hard cock in my back- he hold my by my hair running his free hand over my breasts down my stomach to my pussy- sliding a finger in and out- and again then the Archie watch as he pulls his cock out of his pants- suddenly the Archie seems to think of something, “ when are the other returning” he demand- glancing to the clock- my heart sinks as I realize the movie they went to just started and ends in 3 hrs- he lifts the gag “ when”- I lie whispering “ soon” looking down- “ ahh your lying “ he says lifting my head with his hands “ now stroke me” grabbing my hands and placing them on his cock- I try to pull them away but he holds them on guiding mine up and down his soft cock with his. While rolling a nipple between his fingers- laughing I feel the Archie harden in my hands- gods I think he is huge- both me realize they are hard and looking at my shiny pussy they know I am wet- looking between each other “ same time” “same time” they agree ‒ I look confused ‒ “come here” the Archie says pulling me toward him- as he stands with me the second lays- then the Archie lays me on the second- I feel him guiding me down- his hands on my ass- he moves the checks apart resting his hard cock between them- running his hands all over my body as the Archie spreads my legs with his- inserting a finger in my pussy and rubbing my nub his rams into me hard with his cock- I scream against the gag- smiling the Archie starts grinding in and out of me- while the second helps stabilize the rhythm- I could feel the guy on the floor shifting but I was unsure of why till suddenly the Archie pulled out of me- shifting me as the floor men entered my ass- slowly at first- waiting till his cock was fully in me- then faster- when the floor guy had his cock fully up my ass the Archie squeezing hard on my tits plunged his hard huge cock fast hard and deep into my pussy- they moved swiftly- rocking in and out grunting, groaning and moaning till they came all over my ‒ Archie on my breasts and his second on my back- “ aww look at the mess” Archie says,” guess you need to clean up. Where’s your bathroom?” leads to part 2

again please post feedback

funtimes_2000 35M
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8/19/2006 2:52 am

I really enjoyed your story, Makes me wish I was a robber

WoundFossaTinge 38M

6/8/2007 3:44 pm

Nice start...

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