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6/27/2006 8:38 am

Friday, the start of another weekend. The work week was long, routine, and I was glad to see it fall behind me.

I let the front door close behind me and sighed; all I could think was that it was good to be home. I dropped my bag beside the door, tossed my keys on the table and stopped. Sitting in the center of the dish was a thick, burgundy leather collar with a locking buckle in the back and a D-ring in the front. It was amazing how something so simple could cause a knot of anticipation to form in my belly and a quiver of pleasure to shoot between my thighs.

My hands, which are tell tale signs of how I?m feeling, were already sweating, as I undid my dress collar (from Tiffany?s) that I wear every day and replaced it with the leather play collar. I felt flushed, embarrassed as I willing collared myself.

Once that was done I stripped out of my clothes, while still standing in the entry way, and folded them carefully at my feet. I knew what was expected of me and this was always the hardest part. It was the first act of submission, one I made willingly and without witnesses. It reaffirmed for me, for him, that I did this of my own free will. A will that was soon not to matter.

Slowly, I lowered myself to my hands and knees, and naked began to crawl into the office. Chris worked from home and I could hear him tapping away on the keyboards. There was soft music playing in the background, every time we played it was always the same, Mark Knopfler and Sailing to Philadelphia. It was on the first time we played and no matter where we are, whenever I hear that music I feel a shiver of fear and anticipation.

By the time I reached the office I was already slightly sweaty, a fine sheen of perspiration coved my body. Chris, just finishing up for the day, looked down from his monitor and smiled. ?Hello, pet, how was your day??

?Very good, sir, but I?m happy to be home.?

?Excellent. I see you?ve prepared yourself appropriately, good girl. However I have special plans for you. In to the bathroom.?

I felt annoyed. This wasn?t what I?d had in mind and I wasn?t in the mood.

Chris picked up on my mood instantly, my face shows every emotion, despite how hard I try and he can read me like a book. I had no idea what was in store for me but it quickly became obvious that he wasn?t going to let anything slide. Rising, he grabbed me by my long, dark hair and practically dragged me into the bathroom. I felt a rush of excitement at being manhandled despite not having enough time to get my hands and knees beneath me.

Unceremoniously, Chris dumped me on the floor. I wasn?t surprised to find the enema bag already hanging from the shower rod. As I watched he emptied in a packet of soap and started filling the bag with warm water. ?Get into position.?

Over time we?d discovered what works best as far as enemas go. For me, it helped to kneel over the edge of the bathtub, my hands resting inside on the cold porceline. This way, I could rest my belly against the edge of the bathtub. Once in position, Chris reached between my legs, spread my butt cheeks and poised the nozzle at the entrance to my ass. He?d used lubrication, which always helped and I thanked him for it as it slid inside my body. ?Thank you, sir, for using lubrication and a small nozzle.?

?You?re welcome, pet. Today isn?t about anything but getting you ready, the fun will come later.?

Sometimes an enema was a way for us to start playing, Chris liked the way it made me docile with humiliation. Other time the enema was a form of play. Lately, Chris had been considering using mixes other than just soap and water. He?d once given a girl an enema mixed with wine; she even got a bit of a buzz. I thought it could be a good way to drink without the calories.

?Get comfortable.? With his permission, I shifted slightly and rested my chest against the edge of the tub. It was cold and felt good against my flushed skin. ?Ready??

I wasn?t, not really, but I knew it didn?t matter. ?Yes, sir.? I waited, expecting to here the click of the clip opening and marking the beginning of the water flow. But as seconds passed and nothing happened I started to grow tense. He was waiting, waiting for me to relax so he could watch me jump when it finally came. I knew this, but even though I knew it I couldn?t stop myself from relaxing. I let out a sigh, a breath I didn?t know I?d been holding, and that?s when it came. A distinct click, echoing slightly in our small bathroom, and the water began to flow.

At first there was nothing, no sensation and no movement. But slowly, my bowels began to fill and stretch, the warm water causing my skin to flush. It wasn?t uncomfortable, at first I just felt full, like I did after a good Italian meal. If only he?d stop now, close the clip, I would be fine. But he didn?t.

Chris stood by and watched as the bag began to get smaller and my belly began to get bigger. It distending slightly as it filled with water. He?d shown my pictures of women, filled full of water to the point she looked pregnant. Nothing in the pictures excited me and I wondered why he would want to do such a thing. ?Because I can,? he said, ?and because I would enjoy seeing you suffer so.?

Chris could tell that I was starting to feel; still on my knees I shifted slightly stretching my back and trying to make more room for the water that continued to poor into my body. Next came a low moan as the first cramp hit me. With one hand I rub my belly, hoping for some relief. A few more minutes and a couple more ounces of water and I was begging.

?Please!? My breath came out in pants as I rocked back and forth on my hands and knees, my legs now firmly pressed together as I tried desperately to hold it in. ?I can?t hold much more.?

Chris reached down and started stroking himself. I could tell he was enjoying himself, even without seeing his hard-on. He enjoyed seeing me kneeling on the bathroom floor, desperate for him to stop the water and humiliated by the thought that I might not be able to hold it. Hard and throbbing, he flicked the clip, closing it and cutting off the supply of water. ?Remove the nozzle.?

Carefully, afraid water would follow, I pulled the nozzle from my ass and placed it in the bathtub.

?Good. Now, come here.?

My body a mass of cramps and flushed with heat, I crawled awkwardly over to kneel in front of Chris. Unzipping his jeans, he took out his cock and placed it up against my lips. ?You can relieve yourself just as soon as you make me come.?

I attacked his cock with enthusiasm, running my hands up his shirt I grabbed his nipples and started rolling them between my fingers. Every once in a while my body would cramp hard, wanting to expel the water, and I?d let out a little whimper. It was the whimpering more then anything that got him off. When he came he pulled out of my mouth and shot himself all over my chest. ?You can wear that while you relieve yourself.?

Desperate now, I could barely wait for him to leave before climbing up on to the toilet and relaxing my muscles. Just as I was about to let go Chris came back and flipped the fan on. I froze.

?What are you waiting for?? Chris rested his shoulder against the doorway and smiled.

?Can I have some privacy, please?? I could feel my face flush while at the same time my body cramped down hard.

?No, not this time. You?ve become so comfortable with the occasional enema; they don?t make you as docile as they once did. We?ll see how well you do with me watching.?

Mortified but unable to hold on any longer, I laid my chest down on my knees and relaxed my muscles. Embarrassment, humiliation and shame rolled through me as my body finally gained its? relief. I could feel the sweat roll down my back and between my breasts. Despite the fan, a distinct odor filled the small room and in that moment I felt less then human.

?Sit up.?

I closed my eyes and didn?t move.

?I said, sit up!? This time Chris reached over, grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled me up. Again, I had that same sense of excitement as he grabbed me. ?Open your eyes and look at me.?

I did, only I stared at his chin hoping it would be enough.

Chris yanked back on my hair until we were eye to eye. ?You smell like shit, clean your self up.? With that he left the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

At this point I stopped thinking. Instead, I concentrated on one thing, getting into the shower. Once inside and under the spray of hot water I turned my attention to cleaning myself from head to toe. I shampooed and conditioned me hair, scrubbed me body with a thick lather of soap and shaved under my arms, between me thighs and up both legs.

Finished, I dried off with a thick towel and brushed me hair. By the time I was done, my face was clean of all makeup and me body free of hair. I still felt dirty despite the shower.

Reluctantly, I opened the bathroom door, turned off the light and the fan and crawled out into the living room. Halfway there I stopped, there were voices coming from the living room! More then one which meant Chris wasn?t alone. I was just about to turn myself around, no need to let the neighbors see me like this, when Chris called out to me.

?Pet, come and greet our guest.? Mortified, I stood still, feeling indecisive. ?Now.?

There was no doubt he meant what he said. Slowly, I crawled towards the living room, stopping at the end of the hall. From here I could see into the living room and they could see me. However, I felt sheltered by the walls of the hall on either side of me.

Chris was sitting on the couch; next to him was a very attractive blonde. Dressed in a short black skirt and white blouse, she was sexy without being cheap. Instantly, all security left me and I felt embarrassed. I wanted to curl up or back out of the room. There was no way I wanted this woman to see me naked, me ?few extra pounds? hanging loose on me flesh or the stretch marks from my two children. I know I?m pretty and I can be almost sexy with the right clothes on but there was no way I could stand up to or next to this woman. If Chris saw me, compared me to this beautiful, sexy woman, he would like loose all sexual interest in me.

We?d been together for over two years, we were engaged with plans to get married next year and we loved each other. But none of that would matter if he didn?t want me sexually.

Still crouched just inside the hall, I watched the two of them together. They sat close, their bodies turned and facing each other, Chris had his arm on the back of the couch and his hand rested on her shoulder. I realized that he hadn?t looked at me, hadn?t taken his eyes off the woman since I?d come into the room. The two of them were talking softly and I could tell from the smile on his face that he was enjoying himself.

For his part Chris knew she was there, had known the instant she crawled into the room. He?d watch her from the corner of his eye wanting to see the expression on her face when she saw their guest. It was priceless. He could see her every thought and feeling. There was fear, humiliation and insecurity?perfect! Now he would see what they could do with that.

As I watched, Chris offered Lisa his hand and helped her to her feet. Not letting go, he led her to the center of the room. ?Come here.?

I hesitated, we?d always talked about what would be expected of me with guests but this was the first time and I couldn?t bring myself to approach them.

Chris sighed, stepped forward and grabbed me by the hair. I swear, the convenience of having it to hold on to was one of the main reasons he liked it long. Not that I was complaining. Personally, I loved it when he grabbed me, either by the hair, the neck, the breast?whatever, it didn?t matter so long as he grabbed me.

?You will do as you are told when you are told. For that you?ve earned yourself ten strikes with the cane, I?ll take them out of your ass later.?

I didn?t whimper, in fact, at that moment I was quite pissed and trying very hard not to show it. It just wasn?t fair! He was expecting me to behave as if this was normal! We?d never done anything like this before and I wasn?t too happy to find another woman in my house. Personally, I think I deserve a break.

?Welcome our guest, properly.? Chris shoved my face to the floor, it was obvious what he wanted and while I wasn?t thrilled with the idea it was easy enough to do. Steadying myself on me hands and knees I pressed my lips to the woman?s shoes, kissing each one before settling back on my heels. ?Good, but I suggest you get more familiar with her. She?ll be staying with us for the weekend; I want to make sure you recognize her.?

With that Chris grabbed me by the neck and pulled me up high on my knees. Slowly he slid his free hand up the woman?s skirt, caressing her thigh as he gathered the material. Wiggling her hips she helped him to expose the bare skin of her puss. ?Isn?t she beautiful?? His gripped tightened on my neck and he gave me a little shake. ?That wasn?t rhetorical, isn?t she??

?Yes, sir.? I couldn?t take my eyes off the woman?s beautiful long legs and perfectly shaved puss.

?Turn around for me, Lisa.? The blonde turned around and already understanding bent over exposing two perfectly shaped buttocks. ?Hmm, nice.? Chris ran his hand over her ass, gently cupping and gasping the two perfect orbs. ?God, I wish you had an ass like this. Just think how much more attracted to you I would be, I?d want to fuck you from behind day and night.?

That hurt! I already knew how much physical appearance meant to him. I?d been trying for two years, ever since e met, to loose the extra 50 pounds I?d been carrying around with me. So far I?d managed to loose 20 (while he?d only lost like and I knew I was looking better. But my body was still flabby, extra skin and remaining fat keeping me from attaining that firm look I so desperately wanted.

Chris smiled at me as if he knew my thoughts and shoved my face forward. ?Now, say hello. That?s it, press your lips against her ass?don?t forget to use your tongue. I want Lisa to know how happy you are to have her here.? I had my lips pressed against her ass for several seconds, making sure I used my tongue and covered both butt cheeks.

Roughly, he pulled my head back and asked Lisa to turn back around. ?Now, like the pet you are, I want you to work your face between her thighs, marking yourself with her scent.?

I tried to brace myself, not really resisting, just preparing. But Chris was too fast and too strong, easily he forced my face forward until it was buried between Lisa?s thighs. Immediately, I was covered in Lisa?s light, musky scent. It wasn?t unpleasant, just not something I particularly cared for. When it came to women, I preferred breasts.

?Don?t just sit there!? Chris ordered, ?Work your nose between her lips, I want you to learn her smell. You might as well get used to it, you?ll be smelling it often enough. Good. Now, I want to see you licking her from the bottom up, pay particular attention to those places you think she?ll like best.?

I tipped my head back, straining my neck and working my tongue down to the base of Lisa?s puss. Once there I worked it back and forth, sliding it over and into her passage way. Lisa was already wet and her juices covered my tongue and cheeks. Before long Lisa was moaning, grabbing the back of my head she pressed her puss more firmly onto my face. I kept working, trying to move my tongue over Lisa?s clit, sucking and licking it before going back to working it deep inside of her. Lisa seemed to like it; she was grinding even harder before pushing me away. ?Good girl,? she said and lowered her skirt. There was a distinct gleam in her eyes. ?That?s how I like to be greeted every time I visit, understood??

I nodded, ?Yes, ma?am.?

I watched as Lisa turned back to Chris, ?I?m starved, are we going out for dinner or staying in??

?I thought we?d stay in, Jennifer here is a great cook and I?m sure she had something nice planned for this evening.?

Chris looked down at me expectantly. ?Yes, sir.?

?Good, into the kitchen, once there you may stand while you make dinner. Also, I want a nice table set, for two.?

?Yes, sir.? Pissed, I turned and crawled into the kitchen. Once there I wiped the last of Lisa?s juices from my face and started pulling ingredients from the fridge. Bastard! He knew I had dinner planned, I specifically told him I wanted to have a nice quiet evening for two. Our weeks had been hectic, it had been ages since we?d enjoyed a romantic dinner just the two of us and now he wanted me to cook for him and that bitch!

Not bothering to try and hide my thoughts, I gathered the wine and cheese I?d bought and set them out on the living room table. I didn?t exactly slam the glasses down but I was tempted. Chris, catching my mood grabbed me by the arm and yanked me down to eye level. ?Adjust your attitude or I?ll lock you away for the rest of the weekend.?

It was the one thing more than anything else that could motivate me into submission. There was no way I would willing let him lock me away. Out of sight meant out of mind. It also meant more time for him and Lisa to be alone together.

My teeth clenched together and I swallowed, ?Yes, sir, I apologize for my behavior.? It was the hardest thing I?d ever said and the words practically stuck in my throat.

Chris was not pleased. ?Get back into the kitchen, I expect better from you by the time dinner is served.?

?Yes, sir.? I didn?t go meekly but I went.

Back in the kitchen, I finished preparing dinner and set the table. I was careful to use our best china, silver, linens and stemware. Finished, I lit two candles just as the timer went off. Dressed in my apron and nothing else, I stuck my head into the living room and waited for Chris to acknowledge me.

He continued chatting with Lisa, refilled her wine and popping a piece of cheese in her lushes mouth before finally giving me his attention. ?Yes??

?Dinner is ready.? God! Watching them together was infuriating! I couldn?t remember the last time he was that way with me. Despite two years together he was still loving and affectionate but there was something different in the way Chris treated Lisa. I couldn?t put my finger on it but I swear it had something to do with how beautiful and in shape she was. It was like she deserved more respect, attention or admiration.

I led them into the dining room and stood aside while they were seated. The room itself was small, almost intimate with big bay windows looking out of the city skyline and the mountains. The view was the reason we decided to rent the place.

Once Chris and Lisa were seated I served. There was blue cheese stuffed chicken, wild rice and home made rolls. A second wine was served; this one was lighter to go with the chicken, and fresh strawberries and angel food cake for dessert.

I had everything laid out on the table or served on their plates, it looked delicious and Chris was generous with his compliments. ?This looks great baby, would you like to join us??

I was suspicious and not sure how to answer; I decided for the truth, ?Yes, please.?

?Take off the apron and sit.? I wasn?t surprised when he pointed to the floor next to his chair. Slowly, I untied the apron and lowered myself to the floor. With my knees spread and my hands resting palms up on my thighs I waited. Chris, already enjoying his dinner, ran an affectionate hand over my head and turned back to his conversation with Lisa.

Lisa was young, only twenty-five, smart and funny. She was also beautiful, with long blond hair, blue eyes and a body any man would kill for. But better than all of that was her wicked sense of sex. From listening to them I gathered that Chris had met her through a friend of ours, a professional dominatrix that had known he was looking for someone special. Lisa fit the bill; she?d dated extensively but was never satisfied. Most men just wanted to fuck her and the women were all intimidated with her, and not in a good way. Over coffee she?d told him that she needed a strong man, one willing to explore more then just sex and a woman she could play with. Chris was ready to offer both. While this was their first weekend together I could tell it wasn?t their first time playing. I was hurt and angry to find that he?d been keeping Lisa a secret from me. In that moment it didn?t matter that it was in part to prepare for this weekend.

At times I tuned in and out of the conversation. They were talking about people and places I didn?t know, adding to my sense of being left out. Every once in a while, Chris would break off a piece of chicken or buttered roll and slip it between my lips. Each time he held his hand out until I licked it clean, careful to get every crumb. There was pleasure in it because each time was a reminder that he still thought of me.

As dinner was drawing to a close Chris placed his plate in front of me, slapping my hands away when I went to pick up the last of his chicken. ?No. Pets don?t eat with their fingers.?

Flipping my hair over my shoulder, I bent down and began eating. Luckily, Chris had cut everything up in to bite size pieces, which I was able to pick up with my teeth. When I would have finished he ordered me to lick the plate clean. ?Good, I want you to join us in the living room after you finish with the dishes.?

?Yes, sir.?

Chris stood and looked down at me, I could tell he was already half way hard and looking forward to the rest of the evening. ?From now on you will accompany us wherever we go. You will not interrupt unless given a direct order. In the mean time you will sit at my feet or as close to them as you can reasonable get. Is that understood??

?Yes, sir.? This was new. He?d never ordered anything like this before and I wasn?t sure I liked it. Already, I understood that I would be bystander, there to watch and witness.

The dishes didn?t take long, I toyed with the idea of delaying but while I dreaded what was to come I was excited by it as well. Finished, I crawled into the living room, my stomach clenching at the sight of Chris kissing Lisa passionately. Forcing myself forward, I positioned myself by his feet and waited.

As I watched, Chris kissed Lisa, moving his tongue in and out of her mouth and his hands over her body. Her breasts were perfect, fitting firmly in the palm of his hand as he squeezed and kneaded them.

He stopped long enough to look down at me. Lisa?s long leg was thrown of his lap, her foot dangling in front of my face. ?She likes having her toes sucked, I want to see each one of them in your mouth.?

They were perfectly painted toes with bright red nail polish, ?come fuck me red? it was called and I couldn?t help but think it was appropriate for the whore. But despite my own thoughts and feeling, I rose up on my knees and started sucking on Lisa?s toes.

Chris turned back to Lisa, only this time he slid open her shirt, exposing both breasts. They were perfect, in size and shaped, each one topped with a perfect pink nipple that was already hard. Slowly, he flicked one with his tongue before sucking it deep in to his mouth. I could feel my own nipples harden as I watched and I longed to feel his mouth on me.

Lisa arched her back up of the couch, pressing her breast more firmly against Chris? mouth and moaned. As he sucked, Chris reached out with one hand and offered me two of his fingers. It was an action I recognized and automatically I opened my mouth. Chris slid his fingers inside my mouth and I started sucking. For several seconds he worked his fingers in and out of my mouth while I sucked and licked, making sure to get my tongue between his two fingers. When he was satisfied, he withdrew his fingers and slid them inside Lisa?s body. I felt a small flash of hurt and anger but at the same time I got off on watching him used my lubrication to stroke Lisa?s puss.

I was back to sucking on her toes when she pulled them out of my mouth. She was ignoring me but at the same time I got the sense that the words were for my benefit. ?Why don?t we go somewhere more comfortable??

?Good idea.? And without a word to me, Chris led Lisa into our bedroom.

Reluctantly, slowly I followed. I didn?t bother trying to keep up. Once again I was tore between not wanting to see and not wanting to miss out on anything.

Inside the bedroom, I knelt while Chris slowly undressed Lisa, exposing a body more perfect then I had imagined. I hated her, but more importantly I wanted to curl up and disappear. At that moment I didn?t want Chris to remember me, I didn?t want him staring at that beautiful body and remembering what I looked like.

It seemed I would get my wish. Chris didn?t bother looking at me as he quickly shed his clothes and pushed Lisa back onto the bed. His attention was totally centered on Lisa. He was taking his time, caressing her and exploring every inch of her body. It was a slow, thorough foreplay that he rarely did with me. Why would he, I thought? I didn?t have a body like that, was it any wonder he didn?t want to spend the time looking at it?

He was spending time with her. He was using his hands and mouth to arose her, taking time to cover every inch of her with his tongue. I could see him nibbling on her neck, sucking on her nipples and licking the flat of her stomach ? all were things I?d asked him to do at one time or another. I realized then that he was making a conscience effort to seduce her in a way I had taught him.

At this point all I could do was curl up on the floor and watch. There was a part of me that enjoyed it. Maybe it was the same part of me that enjoyed porn or public play at the local club. I don?t know. All I know is that I couldn?t close my eyes, that despite the pain and fear I couldn?t stop watching. I should note, I wasn?t yet feeling any humiliation?

It didn?t take long before Lisa hit the point of begging, spreading her legs she arched her back off the bed. ?Fuck me, please. Fuck me while your pet sits there and watches.?

Now I was humiliated. Why couldn?t she pretend that I wasn?t there? The only thing worse would be if she felt sorry for me but that didn?t seem likely to happen. She was enjoying herself too much to feel sorry for me.

As I watched, Chris positioned himself between her legs and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down the length of her puss. I could imagine how wonderful it felt. He was large and thick. Lifting one of Lisa?s legs he placed it on her shoulder giving me a perfect view of him as he slowly slid forward. Buried to the hilt, he turned and stared down at me. ?Get up here, I want you lying on the bed beside us.?

Slowly, I crawled on to the bed and lay down on my side next to them. Lisa looked over and smiled as she slowly lowered Chris? head for a kiss, watching me the entire time. It was worse; the intimacy of a kiss was much worse then the physical pleasure of a fucking. I could stand to watch him fuck her but to see them being intimate with each other caused me some serious discomfort.

Once he was sure he had my attention, Chris started to move, grinding and pounding into her puss ? giving her the kind of fucking I loved best. ?Oh baby, she feels wonderful. Her pussy is so tight and the feeling of those long legs wrapped around my waist?it?s so different from your fat little thighs.?

I swallowed hard, telling myself I was not going to cry. He was only saying these things to hurt me, to enjoy my humiliation while he fucked another woman. But it was hard, there was truth in his words and it made me wish things were different. I wanted to be beautiful, wanted to make it so that there would never be another time when he could compare me to someone else and find me wanting.

By now Chris had both of Lisa?s legs up on his shoulder and was thoroughly pounding away at her puss. Lisa had her hands wrapped around the headboard and was holding on. Part of me wanted to touch them, wanted to be a part of it, so much so I started to reach out to play with Chris? nipples the way he likes, only to have my hand slapped away, by Lisa.

Lisa laughed and started playing with Chris? nipples. At the same time she started talking to him, telling him all the things she wanted to do with me. Starting just as soon as they were done fucking.

I could tell Chris was getting excited just from listening to her. She had a wicked mind and was describing all the things she wanted to do ? in detail. Finally, she hit upon one of his favorite fantasies and he came, pumping it deep inside her passage.

Finished, Chris rolled off Lisa so that she was lying between us. He looked over at me across her breast and smiled. ?You know what to do.?

I did but I didn?t want to do it. I couldn?t stand the thought of tasting her, of licking his come out of her puss but I knew it was what he expected of me. Lucky for me Lisa spoke up. ?Oh, allow me.?

Before I could move or think to say anything Lisa was up and straddling my face. I could feel her wet thighs pressing in on either side of my face, smearing their juices all over my cheeks. And she smelled like him.

It was all I could do not to shove her off of me. Her puss, which was perfectly bald and glistening with their juices, was positioned just above my face. With one hand braced on the headboard and the other wrapped in my hair, she told me to stick out my tongue and wait for it?wait for his come to drip out of her body, only then was I allowed to start licking it out of her.

I hesitated; I didn?t want to do it. While I enjoy women I?ve never been particularly fond of the taste of them. Add to that my fianc? had just pumped this woman full of his come while I watched. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain between my thighs. Looking over I saw Chris watching me, his eyes full of pleasure and disappointment. I knew then that he?d used his fingernails to grab a hold of my clit and wasn?t letting go until I complied. To top it all off, he was seriously enjoying my predicament.

I held out for as long as I could, which truth be told wasn?t very long. Chris had a good grip on my clit and was steadily increasing the pressure. It felt like he was sticking a pin through my clit. With a whispered ?Please? and tears in my eyes I stuck out my tongue. There was one more instant of increased pressure before he let go. The feeling of the blood rushing back into my clit caused another moment of pain and a small whimper to escape me.

For several seconds I laid there, my tongue sticking out obscenely while Chris watched. I couldn?t look at him; in fact I couldn?t stand to keep my eyes open. Closing them I waited, for what seemed like an eternity, before the first drop of come dripped on to my tongue.

It startled me and made me jump slightly causing both Lisa and Chris to laugh. It was still warm and tasted familiar. Over the years I?d eaten enough of his come to know what Chris tasted like. But this was different, there was his taste but it was mixed with something new. I knew it was her that I tasted and it made me want to gag. Convulsively, I swallowed, hoping to wash away their juices before really having to taste it.

Chris had moved closer and was whispering in my ear. ?Stop, let it gather on your tongue. I?ll tell you when you can swallow.? At the same time I felt his hand slide between my legs and braced myself for more pain. It didn?t come; instead there was a warm wave of pleasure as he started messaging my clit. At the same time Lisa leaned back and started playing with my nipples.

Oh god! I didn?t want them touching me! I didn?t want either one of them giving me pleasure while I sat there with their come on my tongue. It was humiliating, the idea of enjoying myself like that.

Lisa was still working my nipples only now she sat forward and lowered her puss on to my face. ?Now, start licking. That?s it, that?s a good girl. Work your tongue in there nice and deep. I want to feel you fucking me with it.? Soon she was riding my face, working her way towards another orgasm. At the same time Chris replaced his hand with my vibrator and was working my clit. The stimulation was too much, the pleasure to intense. I started pushing against the vibrator tying to get off while at the same time enthusiastically working my tongue deeper into Lisa?s puss. Opening my eyes I looked up and saw her beautiful breasts bouncing slightly as she ground down on my face. Without thinking I reach up and started playing with them. This caused her to let out a low moan and push down even harder. I couldn?t stop myself, couldn?t hold myself still. Within minutes I was lifting my hips off the bed, with my tongue still in her puss I started begging to come. The words were inarticulate but Chris understood.

?Yes, baby, come for me.? That was all it took, with his permission (though I don?t think I could have stopped had he said no) I came hard grinding my puss against the vibrator and pulling Lisa down firmly against my tongue.

Lisa seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did, she came, her thighs quivering against my face and sending a rush of warm wetness down on my tongue. Her orgasm helped to expunge the rest of Chris? come, which I lapped up excitedly.

With a moan Lisa rolled off of me, ?Get off,? was all she said. I knew in that instant that I had been dismissed. I was shocked, her words hitting me like a bucket of ice cold water. So startled was I that I hesitated, waiting for just a heartbeat, hoping Chris was countermand her order and let me stay up with them. I should have known better.

Slowly, when no words from Chris came, I crawled off the bed and on to the floor. There would be no cuddling, no caressing ? at least not for me. Chris threw down a pillow and a blanket and for that I was grateful. I curled up and tried to get comfortable, all the while listening as they whispered to each other under the covers. The only thing I could be grateful for was that he hadn?t mentioned my humiliating behavior. Now, as the passion and excitement started to wane I couldn?t believe what I had done nor how excited it had made me.

As I lay there, Chris and Lisa having quieted down to sleep, I couldn?t stop thinking about what I had done and how I had behaved. It was exciting and mortifying to picture myself stretched out on the bed working at an orgasm with my face buried between Lisa?s thighs. What was worse was that Chris had witnessed it, there was no denying how excited I?d become and I knew that there would be more of it, more humiliation at his hands and hers in the future. Part of me was already dreading the next morning, part of me couldn?t wait.

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