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6/27/2006 8:42 am

I'd been thinking about you all day when the thought first occurred to me. Instantly I knew you would enjoy what I had in mind. It was the logistics that could be a problem. I sat at my desk, my work completely forgotten, tapping my pen against my teeth. I wanted it to be a surprise but when dealing with you I'd found it often hard to keep my wits about me. You have this remarkable ability to make me forget about everything except you and my body's response to being in close proximity to you.

"Are those contracts ready?"

I was sitting back in my large, leather chair, my legs were crossed and my shoe was tangling off the end of one stocking clad foot.



"The contracts for Whitworth? Are they ready?"

"What?" I finally realized that my boss was standing in my office doorway looking none to happy. "I'm sorry, sir. I was running over some figures in my mind." Okay, so it was only one figure?yours.

"The Whitworth contracts, are they ready?"

"Yes, sir. I already sent them over to be signed." I turned back to the papers scattered across my desk and tried to look busy.

"Good, let me know the minute they get back. I want them filed by five o'clock tonight."

"Yes, sir." While I liked my job and pretty much idolized my boss (who was a giant in the legal field of copyright) at the moment the only thing I wanted was to left alone. I had some major planning to do and only a few hours in which to get it all accomplished.

With one last look, my boss turned around and vacated my office, closing the door behind him. I fell back into my chair, letting my arms flop over the sides, and blew a puff of air towards the ceiling. If I had to wait around all day for the Whitworth contracts to come back there wouldn't be enough time to set things up for tonight. I decided my best bet was to send a messenger over from our company, as a favor of course, to retrieve the contracts.

An hour later the messenger had returned and I was on my way to the parking garage. My boss had been dutifully impressed with my inventiveness to seeing that the contracts were signed and returned early enough to be filed that he hadn't so much as batted an eyelash when I announced that I was leaving for the day.

By the time I had everything I needed I'd come to realize that this project was going to take brains, not brawn. If I were to use brute strength it would require another person, something I was not willing to do. So, after pulling into the garage and closing the door behind me I went in search of the last few things I would need.

Some minor modifications and everything was ready. The only thing missing was you. But far be it for me to say that you would ever disappoint. At seven o'clock, on the dot, I heard the garage door open once again and your car pull into its spot. Quietly, I make my way up stairs and into our bedroom.

Tired but feeling good after your work out you let yourself into the house from the garage. You're surprised to see that the downstairs is almost completely dark. My truck was in the garage and usually when I beat you home I'm there to greet you with a smile and a drink. Wondering if everything is all right, you drop your gym bag by the door and head down the hall.

It isn't until you reach the base of the stairs that you realize that while the lights are out there is a trail of candles lighting the way. Smiling to yourself now, you follow the soft glow up the stairs and down the hall to our room. The door is partly open and you can hear the soft sounds of music playing in the background.

Slowly, you push the door open and are rewarded by the sight of me standing at the end of our four-poster bed. I smile softly as you walk towards me. I can see the desire already shinning brightly in your eyes and my heart starts beating a little bit faster, a little bit harder. Simply watching you walk across the room, watching your body move, and knowing what it feels like to have you pressed up against me gets me excited.

So enthralled am I in watching your progress towards me that I almost forget my goal for the evening. Like I said, witless when you're around.

As you draw near I step forward and slide my hand up and under your sweatshirt. Your hair is damp from your shower at the gym and your skin smells fresh as I pull the shirt over your head. Next I slide your sweatpants down off your hips and past your thighs, helping you to step out of them. Once you're completely naked I take you by the hands and lead you back to the bed. I "force" you down on the bed, following you until you scoot up towards the headboard.

You're lying on your back, my body completely covering you when I lower my head and kiss you. My lips gently brush across yours just before I trace the outline of your lips with the tip of my tongue. As our lips part and our tongues meet I run my hands down your arms until our fingers are entwined.

The taste of you along my lips and tongue sets my head spinning and I struggle to maintain control. Control. That is what tonight is all about. It's about time that I took control in the bedroom and showed you just who's boss.

Slowly, I start to bring your hands up over your head, deepening the kiss until the only thing you can think about is the wet warmth of my mouth and all the different places I could take it. Your mind starts to cloud and the only thing you can think of is grabbing my hips and forcing me down onto your hard, swollen cock. You start to lower your arms only to find that you've been restrained.

"What the??" You break the kiss and look up at the headboard, realizing for the first time the length of rope and handcuffs effectively hidden in the darkness of the room. One look from the handcuffs to me and all your confusion is cleared away by the mischievous smile that lingers on my face. You give each arm a fierce tug only to find that you are well and truly bound to the bed.

While you were busy exploring the possibility of freeing your hands I was busy binding your ankles so that now you were laying spread eagle on the bed. Smiling up at where I stood at the bottom of the bed you say; "This could be fun."

My smile only goes brighter as I turn and make my way across the room to a small, roll top desk kept in the corner of the room. I sit down, my body angled so that you can see my profile, the outline of one, generous breast, and my legs, which were exposed when I crossed them and the sides of my robe fell open.

Picking up a pen I start to jot some notes down regarding a meeting I have the next morning. There are a couple points I want to make sure to go over with the client. I also have a deposition later in the afternoon and I need to confirm that opposing counsel will be there with his client in tow.

You lay there, watching me work, at first baffled by the sudden change in events. Once again you give each rope a good tug thinking that if there is anyway of getting free you're sure to find it. And when you do you're going to make me pay for this delightful little diversion.

Alas, the ropes hold and you go back to watching me. One leg swings back and forth slowly, in time to the music that still plays in the background while at the same time I write furiously. My head bent over the desk you notice the smooth line of my neck, the red of my hair and the gentle features of my face. You also notice something else, something you've never seen before in the bedroom. For the first time you see me in control. Oh, you've seen it often enough when I'm at work or we're out dealing with friends but never before have I brought that into the bedroom. Here is the one place I've always been content to let you take the reins.

The realization sends desire coursing through your body. You know that there is more in store for you but that for now I am expertly drawing the moment out. Making you wait until I'm ready to begin. Now that you understand you're content to watch and wait. However, soon contentment turns into concern as I continue to work. This is followed by a sense of annoyance that I seem to have forgotten you while your body is still hard and swollen.

Contrary to what you believe I am more than aware of you. I notice every shift and change in your expression and I note when your body goes from aroused to tense. It is only then that I put my pen down and walk back to the base of the bed. Your eyes are on me the whole time and as you watch I undo the belt at my waist and let my robe fall to the floor.

I'm naked underneath and your quick in drawn breath tells me that you still appreciate the sight. Slowly, I kneel on the end of the bed and crawl up between your legs. I haven't touched you yet and I can see your entire body straining against its restraints trying to get closer, to encourage my touch.

I run my fingers through my hair, lifting my arms and thrusting my breasts forward. My nipples, already hard, point up from their rose colored tips and you yearn to take one in your mouth. From there my hands slide down my neck, over my collarbone, and between my breasts, stopping only to caress their way back up again. Only this time my hands slide underneath my breasts and lift them slightly, cupping them in my palms.

You watch, your cock hard and swollen, the head of your dick purple with the need for release.

Slowly, I take my nipples between my fingers and squeeze. My eyes close, my head falls back, and I moan as they harden even more. "Ohhh?they feel so good. I'd bet you'd like to touch them?"

"Yes." You try to reach out with your hand only to realize that I have no intention of letting you touch me?yet.

"Hmmm?can you imagine how wet I am right now?" I look at you and smile as one hand releases my breast and slowly travels to my pussy. You watch as I slide my fingers through the dark curls and in between my nether lips. "Oh, I'm sooo wet and my clit is hard and swollen."

"God, Michelle. Please, let me touch you."

"No, but I will let you taste me." I run my finger, wet with my own juices along your lips. You lick at my taste, trying to suck my finger into your mouth. "Oh, no. Not yet." I slide my hand back between my thighs and circle my clit with my fingers while my other hand continues to caress my breast.

You watched as I knelt between your spread thighs, my hand on my pussy as I circled my clit and slid my fingers into my pussy. "Hmmm?it feels so good. I'm so wet and warm. Just think how good it would feel to slide that hard, swollen cock of your deep inside of me."

You weren't sure whether you wanted to beg or call me a bitch for teasing you so unmercifully. You could see my fingers working on my clit, see it swell and throb and glisten with moisture. My hips were rocking back and forth slightly, in rhythm with my fingers. You know me and my body well and you can see my orgasm coming closer and closer and you long to be buried deep inside of me, to feel me explode around the head of your cock as you thrust yourself in deeper and deeper.

As much as I wanted to make you watch me cum I find that I feel empty without you deep inside of me. The game has been fun but I need the contact of your skin against mine. I need to hear your breathing, to know that you're as lost in the sensation of our lovemaking as I am. Slowly I crawl up onto your body and straddle your hips. My eyes never leaving yours, I guide you to the entrance to my body. You can feel my heat as the head of your cock draws closer. Your body is locked tight, waiting for that first brush of moist heat as I slowly slide down the length of your shaft. My own tension has caused my pussy to tighten and the fit is unbelievably perfect as we're finally joined.

I sink down until you're finally fully embedded inside of me, my eyes still watching you.

"Kiss me," you say. Our eyes still open, I lean forward and kiss you, slowly, tenderly, letting you know how much I need and want you. We start to move, our bodies long since tuned to each other. Our hips rock in unison, the tension building until we're both lost in the sensation of being one. The kiss continues, our bodies moving harder and faster against one another until we explode. Our bodies trembling, I collapse on top of you as my orgasm leaves me shattered. The feel of your release, of your orgasm sending your cum deep into my body sends me over the edge. You feel the contractions of my walls tighten around you, wringing everything from you, my juices flooding your cock and seeping down on to your balls.

Some time later, when our breathing as started to return to normal I release your wrists. "Hold me, please." I curl up beside you and fall asleep, safe in your arms.

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