Plump Beauty  

rm_nii88 52M
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6/27/2006 8:06 am
Plump Beauty

I was walking through the mall one day looking for a present for my sexy girlfriend Mary, when I came across this fat woman in a lingerie store. I never found fat women erotic but this woman was turning me on. I watched her for a good half an hour while she waited on other customers, then finally she approached me and asked me if I needed help picking something out for my wife.

"My wife", I laughed embarrassingly. "I was just looking for something for my mother, her birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her a little something to make her feel good". Oh I felt so stupid at that point but I was no longer thinking of my girlfriend in spandex and leather, instead all I could see was 'Sandra', the cashier, in tight leather holding a whip and making me scream for more. Her eye's where like emeralds and her hair was dirty blonde, long and curly. Not to mention her massive ass and tits. Oh I knew if given the chance I would melt in her tits, I wanted to touch them and cum all over her chubby face.

She was very sensual in her manner and showed me several nice yet lacy nighties she was sure my "mother" would enjoy. I ended up spending 3 hours there with her, watching her, listening to her, day dreaming about sticking my cock in her big juicy pussy. It got so bad at one moment that I had to excuse myself and make a quick bathroom run to relieve the pressure of my throbbing cock. And of course before I left I asked what she was doing after work and if she'd be interested in a coffee sometime. Sandra smiled and said tonight would be good and that she was getting off at 9:30pm. I felt my cock twitch at the thought of banging her and slapping that huge ass of hers.

I went back to my girlfriends house and gave her the night gown that I had bought and told her I had to leave to go meet the boys for a beer and catch the hockey game on the big screen at the bar. She went right in and tried the gown on and all I could see was Sandra and her gorgeous big boobs staring back at me. Mary tried to get me to make love to her that night but I had other plans.....

I picked Sandra up from the mall at 9:45pm and took her to the coffee shop around the corner, we talked for about 20 minutes then she asked me to come to her place for coffee. I couldn't believe it! It was like she was reading my mind. It was only a quick walk up the street to her penthouse apartment in a rather up scale neighborhood, she explained that her parents ran the lingerie store and paid her a rather nice amount to keep it running. I was in heaven, not only was this girl sexy as hell but she had money and a nice place.

The moment we walked in to her apartment she began taking off her dress, underneath she had a tight black boostier, thong panties and a garter belt holding up her nylons. Her fat stuck out but it was erotic and exciting to me. I felt my tool trying to escape from my pants as she approached me and unzipped my pants. She lowered herself to her knees and put me entirely into her mouth. I grabbed her long hair and wrapped it into my hands, pushing her face harder and harder into my groin. Oh, she was good, I grabbed at her fat boobs and felt myself exploded in her hot mouth and she devoured every bit of me. I almost fell right over on to my face as I lost all the strength in my legs.

Sandra then walked into her bedroom and grabbed a stool and put it out on her deck and asked me to come join her. I practically ran to her, I could feel myself getting excited again, I wanted so bad to see her big, fat lips and bare rounded breasts. I felt a need to know what she looked like without clothes, I wanted to touch all her roles, rubbing my hands from her feet all the way to her head.

She sat down on the stool and began taking off her panties, I watched intently, not knowing what to say, but my bulge told her everything. I was standing there naked from the waist down and she could see I was ready for her again. She smiled and leaned back, spreading her flabby thighs wide, inviting me in.

She was the best I had ever experienced. I ended up leaving my girlfriend for Sandra, my girlfriend was too skinny for my to fully enjoy. I realized with Sandra that I like 'em big, real big. At least you can really feel fat girls when your with them.

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