Dinner Gathering  

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6/23/2006 3:32 am
Dinner Gathering

It was cold. That kind of cold my grandma used to call a damp cold. I stepped out the subway and was immediately reminded of that phrase. It made me pull up the collar of my jacket. "I'll be home and warm soon" I thought as I walked the last few blocks and into the apartment. A trail of clothing met me at the door.

"Katya?" "In the garden, love" came the sweet reply.

"In this weather?" I thought as I followed the trail of a jacket, blouses, a garter belt, panties, stockings then shoes to the garden door. "What in the world are you doing out here?" I said as I got closer. Then I saw her. She looked beautiful and cold in the moonlight. Cold mostly, since she was sitting there in her pink plastic raincoat wearing my favorite shoes, the 4" red patent leather ones. Her nails were painted her favorite "you will fuck me now" scarlet. She was sitting in the leather chair on the terrace, her hand furiously rubbing her clit. Her face was flush from the cold and the many orgasms she had while waiting for me to come home. I love when she does this, it means her pussy is wet and waiting for me. She stood up from the chair and walked toward me in the doorway, threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply and said "I've missed you today." Her body was a wonderful combination of hot and cold and her nipples stood erect from the cold plastic. "I've just come in to defrost your favorite meal - me," she said as she licked my lips. Putting her chilled hand down the front of my pants, she said "and I see you brought home the stuffing." The feel of her hand on my cock caused it to twitch and begin to rise. "Well, we should unwrap it first, before we get it hot," I said as I slowly pull the coat off her shoulders. She was backlit by the moonlight, the light picking up the reflection from the nipple clamp and chain she wore. I reached down to grab the firm breasts in my hands. The touch of my hand caused her to moan softly. I kissed each nipple as it poked out of the clamps. I licked the soft area between her glorious mounds, tracing a line up to her neck, then to her cheek and bit gently on her ear, before kissing her hard.

"I want to suck your cock and balls," she said breathlessly as she knelt and unzipped my pants. "Suck away," I said anticipating the feeling of her soft lips on my swollen cock. She slid my cock deep in her mouth. Her tongue traced circles around the head and then she bit the head gently. I cried out from the sensation and grabbed the back of her head to push my cock further into her mouth. She pushed me back toward the sofa and down, never stopping that wonderful sucking action with her mouth. Her long nails reached up and flicked across my nipples, sending shivers through me. I love having my nipples played with and Katya knows this. She pinched them between her nails as she increases the motion of her head on my cock. I was ready to cum, but it was too soon. "Very nice," I sighed, "But what kind of lover would I be if I didn't help get dinner ready?"

I lifted her up from the floor and sat her on the sofa as I removed the last of my clothing. Katya lay there flushed, her breasts a rosy colour from the orgasms that she had been having. I knelt on the floor in front of her and grabbed her thighs and spread them apart. The inside of her thighs were sticky with the cum that had run down from her very wet pussy. Placing her thighs on my shoulders, I pulled her forward and licked the sticky cum. The taste was the combination of sticky sweat and cum. "Look," I joked, "the sauce is beginning to boil. I need to stir it." With that I stuck my tongue deep between her lips and swirled it around. Katya squirmed from the feel of my tongue inside her and moaned loudly. I love it when she's vocal, although I think our neighbors don't. Tough. If my lady wants to scream at the top of her lungs for me to fuck her like an animal, who am I to object.

"My mama always told me you have to taste the sauce with your fingers to get it right," I said and I thrust two fingers inside her dripping pussy and began to finger fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me and began to buck her hips wildly on the sofa. "Lick me lover, lick that sweet pussy!," she cried. Her pussy was dripping wet at that point and she was close to giving me that scream I love. The one that's a combination of FUCK ME, references to God and squealing. She was on fire now, her hips grinding her pussy into my face and she was close to coming. I felt her orgasm coming and just as it hit, I took the two fingers that had been in her pussy, slick and wet with her juices and stuck them in her tight little asshole. That was the key that was needed. The scream came first in short bursts, but then exploded into a wail. "FUCK ME!! OH GOD FUCK ME!! YESSSSSS!!!" Her bucking and shuddering threw us onto the floor. We lay there panting for a few minutes.

"Now, I have to set the table," I told her. "What do you mean?" she asked, her voice hoarse from screaming. "A proper table isn't set without candles," I said. I reached up and took the candle from the coffee table. I stretched her out on the floor and straddled her head. "Since I sit at the head of the table, I'll sit here and light the candles."

I placed my now stiff cock in her mouth and lit the candle. She began to suck my cock slowly and gently. I dripped the first drop of hot candle wax on her large brown nipples. I knew what the sensation did to her. She arched her back to meet the next drop of wax. It hit and formed quickly on her nipple. Katya's hand reached down betwen her legs and began to furiously rub her swollen clit. She dug the heels of her shoes into the carpet raising her hips and she stuck a second finger in her pussy. I bent forward with the candle. " Show me that clit," I said. She pulled her lips apart to reveal her now swollen clit. As soon as it was exposed, I let two drops fall on her clit. Her scream was squelched by my cock buried deep in her throat. "I need a candle holder," I said sticking the end of the candle inside her pussy. Her screams were coming faster and so was my cum. While sliding the candle into her pussy, I began to pump her mouth faster and faster. My orgasm hit and the first of the load shot down her waiting mouth. She suck at it greedily until I pulled out of her mouth and shot the remainder of her face and wax covered nipples. She came again harder this time than the first. She grabbed my cock back into her mouth and licked it, savoring the taste of my cum. My cock grew harder again.

"Now, its time for dessert," I said. Katya was now covered in sticky cum and wax. "Why don't we wash up first before dessert?" I said leading her towards the shower. She slipped out of her shoes and staggered to her feet. I notice for the first time that her toenails were painted the same FuckMe Now scarlet as her fingernails. "I don't think I can walk that far," she gasped. "I'll help, don't worry," I assured her, slipping my arm into hers. I helped her into the bathroom and sat her on the toilet as I turned the water on. The steam rose from the shower and I helped her in. The shock of the steamy water caused her nipples to harden. I grabbed a cloth and soaped it up. This was always Katya favorite part of the day. I soaped her massive tits, gently removing the wax that had hardened there earlier. I soaped her stomach and her legs, teasing her swollen pussy lips with the rough edge of the cloth. I spread her legs gently and remove the last of the wax from her clit and lips. Katya moaned and put her hands on my shoulders. I stepped towards her and kissed her gently on the lips. She took the cloth from me and soaped my chest and my now very stiff cock. The sensation of the hot soapy cloth reminded me of what was to come next. I rinsed the soap off both of us and turned off the shower. I grabbed a towel from the rack and gently dried her body. Katya shuddered every time I touched her nipples with the towel. "You promised me dessert, my love", she whispered. "Then follow me."

I led her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I spread her legs and touched her pussy with my hand. "Nice and wet," I said as I laid down on top of her. My stiff cock found her wet region and slipped easily inside her. "OH GOD,YES! FUCK ME HARD!" she cried out. Now, with such a polite request, how could I refuse. I rose up on my arms and began to fuck her with slow rhythmic strokes. That wasn't what she wanted. "FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME, " she screamed. I began to pump her swollen pussy harder and harder. "YES THAT'S IT! FUCK ME!" Katya was lost is the throes of cumming and began to buck her hips in rhythm with mine. I grabbed her legs and pulled them up. I took her toes into my mouth and sucked each one gently. Katya moaned with each suck. "Turn me over and fuck me, please!", she whimpered. I pulled my stiff cock from her pussy and waited as she turned over, presenting her magnificent ass for my pleasure. I slammed my cock back into her. Her head shot up as my cock filled her pussy again. I reached around and grabbed her nipples in between my fingers and pulled them hard, causing her to shudder and scream into the , pillows on the bed. I was fucking her faster with each stroke. "I want that ass, lover," I said pulling my stiff cock from her pussy. "Anything you want, baby, any hole, anytime!" I lubricated my cock and her tiny brown hole. I pushed gently into her and felt the tiny ring give way to my cock. "UHHHHHH". Katya let out a guttural moan as my cock plunged into her ass. "FUCK THAT ASS! OH GOD I LOVE IT!!!!. I pumped her faster and reached over and grabbed her favorite jelly dildo and slid it into her pussy. "OHHHHH MYYY GODDDD!" she screamed as the twin sensations set her cum switch off. I could feel the cum dripping down her legs and on to mine. I pumped faster and felt the cum rising in my balls. "I"M GOING TO CUM" I cried out as the load of sweet sticky cum exploded into her ass. "COME ON ME, COME ON ME PLEASE," Katya cried out. I pulled my cock out of her ass and shot the last of my load all over her back and ass. We collapsed onto the bed, sweaty and sticky.

Katya turned over and curled up into my arms. She kissed me deeply and giggling said, "So, what do we do for breakfast?"

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